Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thank You Teachers

Saying thank you to teachers with our cupcakes! 
As Fawn Brodie would quote, "Housework is a breeze. Cooking is a pleasant diversion. Putting up a retaining wall is a lark. But teaching is like climbing a mountain."   
 As DepEd launches a campaign for the World Teacher's Day, with a big "THANK YOU" note and a bang, I  stopped and thought of why wouldn't I say my own thank you words in the most meaningful manner to our church's Sunday School teachers.   Being a teacher involves not merely getting your words across students' minds but more showing what life is and how they can face it even the insurmountable issues ahead and with it is helping them grow to be strong in character and helping them attain their dreams.  

Education Secretary Armin Luistro said it is but proper that the country dedicate a whole month to recognize teachers for their unique role in preparing students for the future, in strengthening communities and in building a nation.
“I think we should regularly take time to revitalize the image of teachers and draw public attention to their value in society,” said Luistro. 
So, September is said to be the month to thank all teachers, and DepEd encourages everyone to do so in ways that could motivate, inspire and give joy to our dear teachers.

In our church, I'm happy to say that we were successful, our budding teachers are our own Sunday-schoolers 10 years ago.   I was also a Sunday School teacher and they were my students, now they are the teachers and I am their Head Teacher, as Head of the LJBC Children's Ministry.  
As part of our team-building efforts and training we decided to treat all 20 of them at Wingman for lunch.   These "hungry hipos" geared up for the day's meeting was so famished (that includes us) that when the foods where served, seemed like a "tornado"has hit our table and all four basket-full of Bufffalo Chicken wings were "gone with the wind."  
Glad that we were there late for lunch at past 1, so no one was there and we were free to voice out certain concerns we have with our ministry.   After the light yet so filling and spiritual-filled lunch with them, we talked about how we can make big impacts as teachers not only to our church but more so to the community where our students belong.   We are raising up (literally, cause we also do feeding sessions and home-visits and in some cases we help them with schooling) God-fearing, humble and obedient Christian kids, with love for His words and a passion to serve others.
Sorry guys I was busy preaching (oopss), entertaining and making sure everyone have their fill.   So I didn't had the time exploring the food and getting snap shots of the glorious feast we had at Wingman.   Here are some of what they offer, pictures courtesy of them.
FB Pictures from Wingman
But what I can say is, I want go back sooo badly... We love the varieties of the Buffalo Wings, we actually ordered five buckets of it, some baskets of puds in varied types as well, an order of quesadillas and the Wingman Burger.
My kids love the Lemon Pepper and the cheesy Quesadilla silces.   The Wingman burger was amazingly yummy with its soft and juicy and truly flavorful, melt in your mouth patty, with a wee spicy kick to it!

Oh by the way, DepEd announced that certain priveleges such as discounts in dining establishments are ought to be given to teachers as part of the campaign from this month til October 5, 2011.
So how about you, have you said thank you to any teachers already?

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