Monday, September 26, 2011

Hopeful Sunday, Then, Bistro Better

A boxed meal with sliced Chicken Galantina and rice
I woke up this morning with thoughts of my daughter's birthday last year at Boracay.    Danica, our youngest turned six last Thursday.   No, it wasn't a big bash, it was a simple yet quite a  fun and playful day for her and her sister, Dana.   I was a bit saddened when I had that day compared to what we had last year.   We celebrated her fifth birthday at the sunniest beach of Boracay, for a three-day and two-night beach bumming and island hopping escapade.
What had really bothered me  much though was the dinner we had on our second  night, a date I longed for.   While my kids and inlaws had Shakey's pizzas and Deco's La Paz Batchoy at their La Carmela hotel room, we were at Don Vito's Ristorante Italiano.   Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel, had set up a tent place for diners of Don Vito's along the shore with ambient lightings and an acoustic stage performance.  One of the dish we had that is vivid in my mind is the Chicken Cordon Bleu which haunted me the whole morning.
Hopeful, that this Sunday won't keep me down with those thoughts.
Hopeful, that this day and the days to come will be much better than the latter days we had before Danica's birthday.
Hopeful, that behind those disappointing thoughts a brighter future awaits ahead of us, specially my kids who were a bit traumatized with their sister's health condition.
Hopeful, that September won't end without having to savor even just a hint of the gustation we had a year ago.
Til' a text message appeared for an invite at Mercato Centrale.
That Sunday had been a blissful continuation of what could have been just a hopeful Sunday.   God confirmed us that everything has a purpose, my daughter having diabetes, each difficulties we face, having to put up with people who care less of you though you've given enough attention to them and the list goes on.
As been said to us over and over, " And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28, KJV)    I still fought to believe that  there is still a miracle awaiting to happen and blessings awaiting to be realized, as long as one has faith in God.
After the church service, we head on to Mercato Centrale, it was 12 o'clock when we left the church and we are all starving, and, still the Chicken Cordon Bleu was haunting me.   Then I remembered that Chef Luigi Muhlach have a slot there and one of the food he sells is his specialty, Chicken Cordon Bleu.  Then I thought he might not be there because he had Midnight slots (That's for Midnight Mercato).
We went there primarily to meet a friend, whom I plan to suggest a business with.  And lo and behold, Bistro Better, was there and right at the spot where Chef Luigi's was.
Whole Chicken Galantina
Then my depressing thoughts about not having Chicken Cordon Bleu melted, instead I will be having Chicken Galantina.   Both of the dish mentioned are meat treasures for me, along with , Morcon, Rellenong  Bangus and some other stuffed meats.  I've never learned being a savvy meat-stuffer, though I love this kind of recipes which poses a lot of challenge.
We intended to buy stuffs for the older kids left at home at the Mercato, we thought of scamping around for whatever is new there.   I've been to Midnight Mercato for a couple of times, though this is my second time during the day.   And I could never recollect seeing any dish as savory as these ever sold there, and during fares or bazaars, to be blunt, these are the first on my to-find list.
These versatile dishes are not only great with rice, like what Bistro Better did , they had it as a stuffing ("palaman") for "pugon" pandesal (local Filipino bread cooked in limekiln).   

After Christmas feasting, left-over Morcon, Stuffed Turkey and Embutido are always saved in the fridge for pasta toppings. These are made in advance in bulk and kept in the freezer in time for Noche Buena and when guests arrived during Christmas.   
Oh, now I'm thinking about Christmas.   What good thoughts indeed, now I know where to buy those sensational Chicken Galantina and Beef Morcon,  I could forever live with these, not a care if I learned or not, how to make them, for I know someone who does it best with all her heart put into it,  Mrs. Carmencita Abadicio.  
And heck, I don't need to wait for Christmas to indulge with these.   I only need to go to Mercato Centrale every Friday and Saturday night at 10 pm to 2 am, Saturday and Sunday at 7 am to 2 pm.
Here is a showcase of what Bistro Better has to offer:
Rellenong Bangus (Stuffed Milk fish)

Beef Morcon

Pork Embutido
See, you have ample choices, whether to have fish, beef, pork and of course chicken.   Those are some of the reasons why I love Bistro Better, they don't only carry all my favorite dish, those that I don't cook, they are also very innovative when comes to dining and enjoying exquisite comfort foods.

For Inquiries you may contact them at 
Email :

Telephone Number: 02-8867870, CP: 09176124858

Website: ttp://


  1. love your verse Sissy! Indeed an Sunday full of hope! I'll look for Bistro Better then.

  2. I miss those pandesal. We don't have it here in Canada...Though I make Cordon Blue for my family, by what you said that doesn't level with the Chicken Galantina.

  3. love them all... :)

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