Saturday, April 29, 2017

Club Balai Isabel Aquapark is Now Open

If you find summer to be  a monotony of events - basking in the sun, adorned in your new summer outfit, the usual coastal walk and selfies, then you're in for one adventure you should never miss before summer lasts.

Club Balai Isabel have transformed summer from one drabness to one of excitement and adventure. Though many have already found home in the summer in Club Balai, this haven of a resort have taken summer living up a notch by not only providing sports activities but a playful spot where even adults can be kids for a day.

It was such a blessing, a fine weekend spent with my family , bonded with them through play in Club Balai Isabel's Aquapark which was then under testing stage.

The aquapark is a gigantic playground of interconnected rubber inflatables.  They're giant floaters made like an obstacle course.  When I first saw it, the game show :Wipe Out" came to mind.

The same objective ran into the minds of the creators of this floaters.  According to the supplier (foreigner), the idea is to put everyone in the lake water.  Fun is seeing somebody slide in it or fall int the water, but also safety is their major priority.

So, let me emphasize, unless you're not adventurous, don't waste your money buying a ticket.  But if you want a more exciting summer, one you couldn't experience anywhere, then, by all means, get the whole gang and fun together.

You start out by learning how to balance a walk.  According to the facilitator for the day, it;s just  like walking on the moon, you need to bounce a little to gain your stand.  don't be afraid if you slip or fall in the water, as you will be provided a good safety jacket, just make sure it fits sou well, not too tight, and not to loose either.

Just to be secured, I brought my kids' own safety jackets.  Above, my daughter Danica is the second one to go up the inflatable, following Jay L Santiago, a fellow blogger.

So, ther's me, crawling, like a baby learning her first steps.  My daughter Dana followed me, more courageous and seemed more knowledgeable than I.

To be safe, we went one-by-one.

That's me walking as if I'm on the super hot moon environ.

There is no rules once you're on the top of the floats, just  make sure you;re wearing a safety jacket.

However, let me just share some of the things you need to bear in mind if you plan to do this.

1.  Aside from wearing a sunblock lotion with the highest spectrum protection, you may also want to wear a pair of shades.  I would not suggest any hats or caps as it may just dampen your focus.

2.   You can go ahead, wear your favorite swimsuit, for all I care for that selfie/ootd moments, but don't go complaining of some scratches or bruises after.

Instead, wear a long wet pants, or sports tights and rash guards.

3.   The top of the floater will get hot, hence, you can either wear water shoes, sandals but not slippers.

4. If you're using a camera, make sure it won't get wet, better yet bring an action camera or water-proof camera.

5. Don't be afraid to try all the different kinds of challenges, but if you do, make sure your health is in tip top condition.
If you have heart problems, asthma, and other chronic diseases I suggest you just pass for this adventure.

6.  They all have different sizes of safety jackets, even for as young as 7 years old.  The establishment has not given any advise yet of how young kids can try it.  I had my two girls try it, they are 12 and 11 years old.  nothing bad happened to them, they just had a the time of their life.  Especially when my 11 year old Danica flew in the air and back-flipped and into the water with a big splash.

I hope the pictures here, show how fun our day at the aquapark was.

For promos and more info about Club Balai Isabel Aquapark visit their Facebook page.


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