Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Skin Rejuve Elite's Newet Branch in Alabang

Skin Rejuve a premiere medical spa company with expertise in handling both non invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures is now open to serve the southern peeps.

Its team of service providers are composed of doctors experts in the field of aesthetic intervention and board certified nurse.

The grand launch of their fifth branch was held last April 29, 2017 at Westgate Center, Alabang.

Kate Valdexand Jay Arcilla as Skin Rejuve's celebrity endorsers.

The newest branch is nestled atop Salon Elegante making this place a one stop shop for your beauty and well-being needs.

Chic interiors will welcome you as you enter.

Don't be shy to pass on the salon through the stairs to get to Skin Rejuve's top\-rated and tech savvy facilities.

 Everything is spanking new making every visit a well-worth of an experience.

The chic interior design of the salon is carried through out the second floor, making the two places equally elegant.

A grandiose launch and get-together by the owners' family and friends was very much a part of the event.  Making it very intimate yet successfully victorious. 

The launch paved way to a ribbon-cutting.

Lots of groufies...

The place was not only full of guests, loads of hoer d'oeuvres surrounded us with drinks free-flowing.

With this I can't wait to try their treatments such as Skin Care, slimming, Laser treatments, dermatologic issues, ProwerSlim, Mesotherapy and Laser Hair Removal.

So, if you say you don't have reasons to visit Westgate area, now you do!


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