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Davao Day Two: Countryside Adventure at Malagos Garden Resort

What actually brought me here in Davao is the sought-after, world-class product, that is the single-origin chocolates made and advocated by the Puentispina's.  They are the family name that made famous the tree to bar chocolate experience.

Malagos chocolate is created in high quality standard environment giving high regard to the areas where the cacao trees are being grown to.

Cause, yes, I am undoubtedly a chocoholic and I am that eager to know more about my favorite SUPERFOOD in the "whole-wide world."

For a fact, even when I was in grade school, I knew where chocolates came from.  It's from a seed of a tropical tree, known as cacao.  Cacao trees are grown vicariously in my father's hometown, Antiquera, Bohol and almost all household have at least one tree, either in their front garden or backyard.  Cacao fruits are typically sweet, citrusy and fibrous. It's like a huge santol but with sweeter and juicy white meat and grouped inside an oval fruit.

After having known about Malagos Chocolates from a food fair here in Manila, I've grown to love Philippine-produced chocolate bars.  With much ardor on how Malagos have represented the Philippines in terms of chocolate craftsmanship in the global arena and also how they have managed to help their fellow Dabawenyo in cacao tree planting, I began plotting my next family tour in Davao and Malagos Farm was in my top list. 

However, in my intrepid search for cacao trees and more single-origin chocolate bars, I was linked to Malagos Garden Resort. 

To my disappointment,  I didn't see at least one cacao tree, (sigh deeply) not at least one!  Though we got to see one huge Durian tree along the way.  However, we did had a hefty lunch at Malagos Garden's cafe and bought several chocolate bars and premium unsweetened chocolates to take home as "pasalubong."

For a tour around Malagos, you need to pay an entrance fee of P225, if you want to see the Bird show.

Inside., there are a lot of pocket gardens and playgrounds.  During our trip, the vicinity was being renovated, and according to the cafe staff, they were developing more attractions such as zip lines and what nots.

Malagos is a refreshing site for our sored urban eyes, with the trees that may have naturally grown everywhere.  Lush greeneries will welcome you with spritz of colorful blooms in some areas.  They even have a specific spot for a collection of orchids.

For guests who booked overnight accommodations, this swimming pool with slide can be a bonus.

Butterfly viewing is best done in the morning.  That is why we didn't see as much butterflies here compared to Eden Garden.

Read about our Eden Nature Park and Resort exploit at the link below.

Davao Day Two: Countryside Adventure at Eden Nature Park and Resort

Malagos also produces good varieties of cheeses.

Of course, you can also take home some of their chocolate products in cheaper price than the tourist's souvenir stores.

This was an anticipated late lunch, which was, sad to say, a bit disappointing.

knowing for a fact that their produce came from the local farms around them, food prices were a bit steep and with servings quite not satisfying as well.

Their menu was quite extensive fro salads, soups and a mix of Filipino and Continental dishes.  

Though this cup gave a smile.  It's a hot cup of their famous Malagos single-origin cocoa, sweetened just right.  The pure cacao drink was smooth with a milky an creamy after-taste, maybe milk was added to the cup. 

After the quick meal, we proceeded to enjoying the other half of the garden, they have several other spots for some animal interactions.

The bird show/viewing and petting.

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