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Megawatt Pizza Chicken Burrito

If this feature won't blow your mind off then I don't know what else would.  You see if you put yourself in the foot of the restaurant owners, I'm sure you might run out of unique ideas.  In this era of food glorification, more and more unique takes on cuisine, theme and kinds of service has to be thought of really well.

Speaking of unique takes, my husband and I have been wooed by a new Tex-Mex restaurant near Gilmore and Robinson's Magnolia.  This unassuming car wash business tied up with a restaurant for a leveled up take on that eat-while-you-wash concept and the good folks behind Red Baron Ribs and Steaks are the same folks who thought this.

Though we didn't go there to have our car washed, we were surprised with what welcomed us upon entering a tight alley leading to Megawatt, which was on the second floor.  

The first thing you'll definitely notice is the glass encased wall full of what nots.  But what tickled my senses was the appetite-stimulating aroma coming from the kitchen just beside the glass door.

We were eagerly accommodated by Joyce, one of the owners, a vibrantly young lady entrepreneur who happened to be a nurse by profession.  I was at first beguiled by the name of the restaurant.  However, upon seeing the interior of the resto, it spoke clearly of what they wanted to convey to their diners.

To date, Megawatt is the first restaurant that partly runs with an electricity extracted from solar cells. You can actually see the solar panels from the huge glass window by the side.  The industrial style with interior pieces tie so much with the solar-power, eco-friendly concept.  

The resto is using Off-Grid or Standalone Renewable Energy Systems.  Successful stand-alone systems generally take advantage of a combination of techniques and technologies to generate reliable power, reduce costs, and minimize inconvenience.  This what actually made my husband come with me to try them out.  He btw used to work on a company that assembles solar panels, thus he was stoked to have learned that some of Megawatt's. It's been his long time plan to build one at home.


I believe that Megawatt's owners' endeavor could spark some interest on other companies to also plunge in the same advocacy.

Details such as exposed pipes, LED pendant lamps and tables customized to look like solar panels are some of the fun elements tied into the the theme.  But as you dig in more, you'll find out that their menu also had took a genius play.  

With that said, enjoy checking out what we tried when we visited them.

Make way first for Megawatt Platter, which consists of Crispy Fries, Chicken Pops, Mozzarella Tots and OHM-nion Rings served with three different dips.  I mean. where else can you find a good batch of mixed sidings in one plate and a heck of crunchy onion rings and chubby mozzarella sticks.

If you are a sucker for frivolous junk food, then make haste for Nacho-Rizo.  It is when a local, home-made nacho made to be extremely cheesy with a meaty and saucy surprise. 

Their take on Hawaiin Pizza was hmm, wasn't that fascinating but okay.

However, the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese was an overcharged plate of goodness. I was over the moon when I had a bite.  For a cheese-lover like me, five kinds of cheese in one pizza is like having a slice of the life of cheese-makers on a break.

Definitely, something to replace my fave Poco Deli's Quattro-Formaggio pizza.

Another gourmand-worthy list is the Bleu Chicken Roadhouse Pizza.  I love the idea of using thin crusts and filling it to the brim, in that way, nothing bready is left to be wasted.  Though I greatly appreciate having a hand-tossed pizza as well.  Like this pizza and loving even more the way bleu cheese is used to enhance this pizza with bbq chicken bits and gorgonzola cheese.

Again, I did tell you, this post is going to blow your mind off, so let me introduce something unusual yet extremely addicting, above is Viva Fiesta.  It speaks for itself, it's definitely a fiesta in a pizza.  It's a twist of our local Filipino food and pizza in one.  I remembered how it's like eating pizza topped with some of the same toppings at MJ Cafe bar, I think it's Tinapa and REd Egg Pizza.

But unlike the aforementioned, Viva Fiesta, has that lasting fusion taste of Filipino and Neopolitan type of pizza.  A mother load of bangus sisig, salted egg, tomato and onion.

I could just stay on blogging about their list of lovely pizzas but their more than delish pizza variaties, they have burritos too, and an array of flavor at that.

How's Szechuan Seafood Garlic for a change?

But this kind of burrito made everyone eyeing on it.  When it was being delivered the smell of steak and foie gras filled the room.  29karat Surf & Turf which is filled with Meltique steak and sprinkled with edible gold cream and with foie gras on the side.

Another favorite was the Vegan Pesto (not in photo).  which is rice and shrooms all the way flavored with pesto sauce.

Megawatt is your comfort food place, specially if your a burger-person, like my kids.

With affordable prices ranging from P 255 to P 295, you get to choose from A.M.P. (Angus Megawatt Patty with Has browns, and egg), Crunchy Texas BBQ,  Pulled Beef, Crunchy Mushroom Melt.

My favorite though is the Crunchy Texas BBQ, because it has bacon on top and already has an onion ring in side.  I love having different textures in one bite which was achieved with a bite from the juicy and tender beef patty, the bacon and the crunch of the onion ring, plus the fresh veggies present inside the burger.

If you like a rice meal and have came in early to wash your car without having breakfast, well you don't need to go far for they also serve an all-day breakfast rice meal.  You can choose from different kinds of longanisa to mix with your fried egg and fried rice, it also goes well with their atsara.

Everything is definitely to love at Megawatts, however I have not become a fan of their chicken.  I found it too bread-y, and it seems like it's a version of beer batter but too brown and too fried.

Everything was washed off with a huge cup of black currant tea, oh the cup tw and the other serving materials are all recycled, btw.

But all in all, I found the place to be inspiring and I got reminded of how I too can lessen even my own carbon foot-print by going to places that use recycled materials and those that think of renewable energy source.


Address: 41-A N. Domingo corner Gilmore Streets,
                Bgy. Valencia, Quezon City
Contact Numbers:: (02) 5012987
Facebook Page

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