Friday, February 24, 2012

Missing Italy Ever So Badly!

 Eleven-thirty in the evening...
Dead-tired, but not done yet with all the house-chores, and oh why am I here blogging my way out of the  cumbersome, back-ache-giving chores.   It is at this wee hour where I can think out loud, scream my thoughts out and flood this blog with words.
It is this kind of a night when  the scattered glitters at sky tell you tomorrow is going to be a hot and sunny day and you don't have any excuse not to do your laundry or water the plants in the garden and yeah,  take care of your family.   The kind of days which reminds you of snow flakes on the window sills, gush of cold winterly wind, sniffles, warm wooly over-all's and Italy.
Here is a picture of us, five of us, nine years ago.  Taken at a busy night inside Quadrilatero d’Oro or Brera,


  1. The resto looks sooooo nice. The decor, so much like bucca di beppo's haha but I think this one is more authentic (hahah since it IS in Italy)

    Much support, Christia
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  2. The walls don't convince me much. But the sweets are delightful to look at!

    1. Sorry! This post still needs updating I think I've mistakenly published this without finishing. Anyways, this is at Bellini's, located here at Cubao, Manila.


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