Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PART ONE: I Ate Around the World for Valentines

Twilight is the perfect time to unwind with your dearest, specially to celebrate the day of love as dictated by St. Valentin..  It is when the heat of the day begins to wane and the first stars quietly emerge to decorate the evening sky, it's time to indulge in the goodness of love.  We had it masterfully planned, the kids with the babysitter at home, reservations for two at Manila Hotel and had a relaxed time at the salon.   But before it all started, the sky poured down as if it was telling us the day isn't perfect anymore to spend it for the pleasure of love and dining.
In spite of what had transpired just before we got out if the house, we braved the rain and the traffic,  and  what do you know, there is really  a rainbow behind every storm.  
We reached Manila Hotel by 7 pm, just in time.   A  tall man in green barong greeted with a smile, "Magandang Gabi!"   You can notice that Valentines is indeed a special occasion here, where chocolate truffles  in adorable shapes and  design, boxed up in blood red and sinamay, signifying love's fervor, welcomes you as step into the lobby.
An orchestra played at the end of the  romantic Grand lobby which was all aglow in yellow hues with the lavish chandeliers all over the ceiling.  All-together captivated us and coiffed us as we  walk towards the path to Cafe Ilang-Ilang.    Named after a very fragrant green-yellow flower also used as herb, Cafe Ilang-Ilang  has been serving gastrophile for more than four decades. 
Inspired by the flower's simplicity, it evokes subtlety in the decor with the clean lines of the furniture creating an atmosphere of serenity, providing the perfect background for the exquisite buffets  that must have been lovingly positioned  from the many parts of the room.
You heard me right buffets!
The cafe is a collection of  gastronomic delights from every part of the world.   They boast of their eight live cooking stations all orchestrating for  the dining whims of all the guests.
Here are the different cuisines presented.
Japanese Cuisine.   The cuisine is a true influence of  Japanese art, with the pureness of every dish, concentrating only on the main ingredient.  With which you will definitely indulge with the settling feeling after you enjoy it afterwards.

 Thai Cuisine.   Appreciate its lightness, its heat and its passionate smell long before it arrives at your dining table
 Indian Cuisine.   Rich and decadent, in inspiration. 

Our very own, Philippine Cuisine.   The wooden sculptures of a carabao and an Ifugao man will suggest the plenteous in the dishes but upon seeing  "Usa de Sierra Madre" (Roasted Venison) made me think otherwise.
 Easily recognizable, with the red lanterns, Asian emblem and steamer baskets full of siomai and all the opulence of the Chinese Cuisine.
The ban chan rich cuisine of Korea
 Italian cuisine, will awe you with their herbed and rustic style of preparing pasta and pizza, harmonizing everything with a variation of cheeses and home-processed meat, like my favorite, prosciutto.
Aside from the cultural inspiration of the different buffets, there are more, that includes the enigmatic beauty of the dessert buffet.
Here, a healthy option for a meal.  The SPA Healthy Dishes.

This has been quit an introduction for a night.  A discovered trip around the globe in a single flight, a one stop, eat all you can in all awesomeness.

Would you think this would be enough for me to say, " I ate around the world for Valentines?"

Follow the complete story on the next part...the next blog that is...

A Happy Love Month everyone...


  1. Wow! Nakakatuwa naman ... I wish I could go there and indulge as well.

  2. I've been dying to try Cafe Ilang-Ilang! I hope by next month I'll be able to eat around the world din with Cafe Ilang-Ilang's international cuisines :) Btw, happy Valentine's sis!

  3. What eye-candy! And you definitely have a lot of choices there.

  4. Cool EATING AROUND THE WORLD in such a lovely day! :) You surely has an awesome Valentine! :)

  5. That's a lovely restaurant, and it's really great that there are restaurants that have healthy dishes especially made for those who are quite observant of calories and body weight.


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