Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Love for Ferrero Brought Us to Maitre Chocolatier

This is the second on the series of my Valentine's celebration.   This month is raining chocolates.  The first blog about the Heart's month was my contest.  I had this idea of writing about cheesy things for the love month like more tips on how to make the celebration more sweet and full of romance.   So I thought of sharing  our experience here at Maitre Chocolatier.
But before I go further, may I ask you?  What do you like to receive on V-day, flowers or chocolates?  Oops, choose only one.   If you happen to vote for flowers, let me see if you still would like a bunch of it as compared to these lip-smacking, heavenly indulging sweet bites of these...
The Frey Lait Fruit Tartlet embodied an ethereal sweet endings - named Guiltless Crime.  The sliced fruits perfectly couched on a heart-shaped tartlet filled with Frey's Lait Chocolate.  The fresh mango, strawberries and kiwis gave a different  break to our choco-filled palate, as our eyes captured all European chocolate products such as Ferrero Rocher, Lindth, Ritter Sports and Guylian Belgian Chocolates.

So far the best hot chocolate drink I  have tasted, seriously.   This one isn't mine, I had to steal a moment from husbands craving for hot choco and have the first drink of it.   The Classic Chocolate drink made up to the top of my list for all the hot cups of choco drinks I had since time immemorial, even topping our regular Swiss Miss selections and Nesquik with molten dark chocolate.  I made the picture above bigger so you can notice the true European  chocolate floating on top.   The consistency is smooth and sinfully delighting, without any bitter after-taste.  Let me guess,  is this made up of Lindt?  It's something like the consistency of Chocolate Fire's where they use Belgian chocolates not cocoa powder.  sorry but it is way better to our traditional "batirol" style chocolate drinks.   Hubby initially ordered the Mint Hot Chocolate, but we were advised it has an alcohol in it, so opted not to.   Also, quit intriguing are their chocolate cocktails in wide selection.
My daughter Danie enjoyed every cold sip of their Ice blended Chocolate drink, wahaha, yes even with some brain freeze attacks, due to too unstoppable sipping.  Even Kuya Darren had his own blast with the same icy treat.  It has blended Nutella Hazelnut chocolate.
Not in the picture though are scooped Ferrero Rocher gelatto which the two girly D's shared.
If you are looking for a different and wild kick in your ice cream scoops, I strongly suggest you try the spicy chocolate, they have it here like Mio Gelati's and Paradis.
This is a chocolate boutique also where you can find the finest-quality European chocolates at a lower bid.  Maybe not my chocolate heaven though it may be yours.   Still looking for that Nutella jar.   Be eager to find lots of 'em here.   These experiences were all led by our cravings for dessert after a not so satisfying dinner at MJ's Cafe and Bar at Roxas Blvd.   MJ's Cafe served good Filipino style pizzas, such as Laing, Bistek, Menudo and kid's favorite, Sisig Pizza.
If they have Nutella, they better have these.  And yes they do!  In different amazing packaging.   You can even pick up a bouquet of it at a Valentine's promo price.
You see the art work at the top?  It will be the to welcome you into the boutique cafe.   It is actually made from wrappers of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate pralines.  Who wouldn't look gorgeous in it.  Kind of gave me the idea what to wear for Valentines...hahaha....what do you think?

Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe

Address:  2A, No. 28, Jupiter corner Astra Street,
               Bel Air, Makati City, Metro Manila
Contact  numbers: (02) 8978559 / 8962529 / (+63) 9228854107
Email: mchocolatier.manila@gmail.com

Opening Hours:
       Mondays to Thursdays    10AM to 11PM
       Fridays to Saturdays        10AM to 2AM
       closed on Sundays


  1. OMGGGG Chocolates!! Diet thoroughly crashed this love month indeed! Will try this resto as well as Chocolate Fire. Golly, I have to skip dieting :|

  2. Hmnn.. I love flowers especially roses but those pictures are really difficult to resist especially Ferrero is my fave among the fave. I have actually a post about it here http://iamsuperjulie.com/the-ferrero-chocolate-collection/

  3. It's always chocolates over flowers for me, not just on Vday, but in every imaginable occasions! haha! I love Ferrero! I hope to visit Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe soon! :) Thank you for sharing this post Joy! I hope to see you soon. Happy Vday :)

  4. I prefer chocolates but hubby loves to give me stuffed toys and flowers on valentines. I love ferrero,the nut inside makes it more appealing to the mouth.

  5. The dress is amazing...! hahaha! Fashionably sweet!

  6. spicy gelato? that's new! Will check it out, hopefully...

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