Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chocolate on a Spoon

If only there is a job that would pay chocolate coins, I'd write countless words for them.
If only I have hectares of land to develop, I'd have cacao trees planted on them.
If there is a river of it I'd not stop from swimming in it.
If the yellow brick road leads to the Wizard of chocolates, I'd come with Dorothy and would not mind wearing another red ruby splatters.
Haahh!   If it is just like love...pain would not matter!

Last February 14, I didn't recieve any flowers, nor chocolates, nothing, even a word of love to satiate my hunger for it!    Good thing, Powerplant Mall opened the Concourse  for  A Valentines Day edition of Baker's Dozen.   Purveyors  of sweet indulgence lined up the floor siding with chocolate and candy fairies and befriended bakers making it a one stop gift market for the loved ones.
Days after, on a gloomy hour for a  late breakfast,  I suddenly came to my senses remembering the black-dotted  plastic bag, I went home with.   I pulled it out  from its secret spot inside my special box.  Got me a cup, filled it with fresh milk and  heated it in the microwave.   As the  timer ticked away,  my pores went open and hairs started to rise , though I could not run to the table, I made it easily.

Then grabbed one box of the Cru Kitchen's  Choco Spoon, Dark Chocolate.   Dunked it in the cup of steamy milk.   As I slowly stirred it, carefully so as not to spill any milk on my new table runner, my tongue go swirling all over my mouth, anticipating the smooth and sensual experience after.

Curled in a fetal position, nestled in the corner of the kitchen, I sipped a few,  furiously checking Blogger.    My descent into madness is so steep as to be in free-fall.   Then nothing matters anymore, only the the luxurious sensation and comfort a good hot chocolate it gives...with its smooth, chocolate streaks and nibblets afloat, the mini-marshmallow slowly melting, fairly sweetened with a slight bittery kick at the end.  

Thank God for late breakfasts such as this.

Oh, chocolate, forever is not enough for me to love you so...

I bought this at  The CRU KITCHEN  stall at Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.   You can go there every weekend.   They will be there  till the last weekend of Feb.   Check them out and be sure to find more delectable classic desserts and snacks.

They come in Dark chocolate, White chocolate and Sugar-free 

You may call them at 8284474/  09209278188
Email them at
Facebook:  crukitchen

My Food Trip Friday Entry


  1. I'll definitely have this one for my fast recovery ^_^ Thanks for the great info, Joy! Good job ♥

  2. Mm.. its been a while since I've had hot choco! Definitely worth starting the day. Hope you enjoyed yours! :)

  3. This is such a cool idea, will try to visit Rockwell soon. And thanks for dropping by my blog!

  4. Sinful!And I wanna be bad just to have that chocolate!\(^0^)/

    Happy FTF!

  5. Wow! Brilliant idea! Now I'm thinking of doing truffles spoon... hmmm....

  6. what a yummy treat that is Sis :-) Visiting late from Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the visit too.


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