Saturday, September 23, 2017

A First Try of Vegan Ice Cream from Adams Ice Cream + Liqmystick

As the demand for nondairy explodes, so does the number of products on the market, including a slew of brand-new nondairy ice creams, yogurts, and cheeses, along with the various nut and plant milks used to make them. And even better, many of these new products actually taste great, which is a boon whether you strictly avoid dairy at all costs, or just want to expand your creamy horizons.

My taste buds are always up for a challenge, so, when someone pops the question up whether be it on FB or Instagram private messaging if I would want to try an organic ice cream and ice pop, plus some unique flavored ones, why would I say no?

I was recently invited to try this new brand of Ice Cream that is slowly inching its way in the food market, and well, they were in the market literally, you can find them every Sunday at Legazpi Sunday Market.

Adam's Seriously Good Ice Cream is said to be 100 % natural, meaning they never use artificial flavors, colors, emulsifiers, fillers or preservatives.

What makes Adam's special are the unique flavors they have developed with ingredients that are: fresh from France; Grass-fed milk from Australia; the best chocolates in the world; excellent French and Spanish Cheeses; and peak-season fruits.

Another essential thing to note about this ice cream brand is that despite being a local brand (Pinoy-talaga), they used an old-school technique in making their ice cream - French technique which involves cooking twice and resting for 24 hours before churning, which is somewhat laborious but proved to have amazing results.

Adam's have created three variants of their products, Dairy Dairy-Free and Cocktail Sorbets.

I was able to try two different flavors from their Vegan/ Dairy Free variety: Black and White, and Lemon Dream. 

The picture above is an ice cream made from fresh coconut milk aptly flavored with Madagascar vanilla then laced with fine dark chocolate, it was absolutely delicious, silky, creamy and very smooth. It may be debatable whether a typical cream would be better than coconut milk, but when you dig in and start filling your mouth with it, it's like, it's no different from the most expensive kinds of ice cream, only, it's healthier and Vegan-friendly.

Same goes with Lemon Dream.

Pure coconut milk is infused with the tangy and citrusy organic lemons.  It's like eating a cold lemon meringue, but with the texture crossing the borders of a sorbet and a creamy ice cream.

The people behind Adam's also created #Liqmystick.

They are hand-crafted, gourmet and plant-based popsicles.

These lovely goodles on sticks is your best defense during hot days.  Not only they are made using local organic produce, they are 100% vegan.

The juices that are frozen are juiced cold pressed containing concentrated mounts of fibre viatamins and minerals.

Had Jolly Green Detox and MangoBano.


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