Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pastry Armoire Ensaymada x The Wander Space

Two years ago, Pastry Armoire was launched and had opened their doors to gourmands in the south.  

With enough pastries to last us a lifetime and ingenious ways of serving good food Pastry Armoire still promises to delight us 

Pastry Armoire proved to be forward-thinkers once again as they tried to put a spin on conventional ensaymada.  

A couple of us foodies were introduced to these new products of Pastry Armoire at Wander Space.

Filipinos can't get enough of their pure love and favor for ensaymadas and Pastry Armoire reckoned we needed more varieties, more flavors and a modern spin to our beloved ensaymadas, hence, baked premium ones with unique toppings to boot.

With the ever growing trend of themed coffeeshops, Pastry Armoire has shifted to supplying their products including these new lines of ensaymadas to  various coffeeshops and restaurants.

With that, we were able to gather together at The Wander Space to try these ensaymadas.

Their bespoke ensaymadas are truly fluffy on the bite and moist, and comes in six variants.

On the photo above are Aged Parmesan and Queso de Bola. 

Both variants are topped with creamed butter, sugar and either aged parmesan or queso de bola. Each cost P 85 per piece, a box of 3 is P 250, while box of six is P 495

I'm into ube, nowadays so this one came as a surprise. 

If you love both ube and cheese, this one will delight you.  A chunky kind of ube jam hugs the top of the bread and then finished off beautifully with grated Edam cheese. 

One piece is only P 85 and a box of 3 if P 250, while for the box of 6 it's P 495.

The stunner, Salted Egg Dulce de Leche is the spin off to the "salted-caramel craze."  

The caramel milk (widely known as "dulce de leche") is melded with salted egg so expect a sweet and salty taste.

Ever heard of savory desserts? announced early this year dessert trends to entice sweet-tooths.  Of course, we can count on Pastry Armoire to give us that artisan cravings for sweet and savory grubs. 

Let me give you two of their ensaymadas for example.

Above is Smoked Bacon Ensaymada. Brace yourselves for the calories, but it's really worth-going to the gym for.  Again, the soft and moist bread, coated on top with a thick creamed butter and crowned with smoked honey-cured bacon bits.

How about a rather equally unique savory dessert? Instead of bacon (which is really good mixed in your pastries like what I did with my brownies - Nutella Bacon Brownies), how about Chinese Ham?

Both the Smoked Bacon and Chinese Ham variety cost P 105 each while for a box of 3, it's P 310 and for a six is P 615.

Best to order in assortment and they have a special promo for set packages.

SET A: Buy 5 assorted boxes of 6 and get 5% off

SET B: Buy 10 assorted boxes of 6 and get 10% off

SET C: Buy 15 assorted boxes of 6 and get 15% off

SET D: Buy 20 assorted boxes of 6 and get 20% off

SET E: Buy 25 assorted boxes of 6 and get 25% off

Prices per box may vary depending on your choice of ensaymadas.  Don't you think this is a great idea for your Christmas gift-giving?  What's more is that they are willing to give 5% more discount when you order and pay on or before October 30, 2017.

Pastry Armoire suggests to savor their artisan creation with coffee and hhave tot choco, and when in Maginhawa, have your pair of ensaymada and drinks at The Wander Space.

Located at 80 Maginhawa building, this nook, worth climbing up the stairs to the third floor is the place for the wanderlust or for the introverts who just needed a quite haven for coffee and grubs.

Aside from being a coffee shop, it's also a lifestyle store for travelers, art enthusiasts and for collectors of sorts.

I did mention they serve good beverages, didn't I? Coz' they do!

From hot to cold coffee concoctions to chocolate drinks and out of this  world teas.

What I love about them is that they carry locally-made products, even their coffee are sourced only in the country.

The store has welcomed up and coming artists to display their products. It may not be that complete craft store yet but you can definitely find something that would interest you.

The cafe nook is tucked in the innermost spot of the store and it's a nice place to comfy with your friends or finish something.  Heck I could easily finish a poem here as it's very inspiring.

The people here too are kind and very welcoming. 

Since we really love the concept of this place and Pastry Armoire's delectable products, we made a video that summarized our experience.


Address: Unit 3B, 80 Maginhawa,
               Diliman, Quezon City,

Facebook: @thewanderspace

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