Monday, July 24, 2017

Grande Rice Bran Oil for the Healthy Foodie in Us

I was just on the TV and Solenn Heussaff was being interviewed regarding her diet to which she attests that she don't eat fried food, to maintain her sexy bod.  Aww, so how can we (who eat fried food, a lot) then have that same bod without having to succumb to cholesterol and rich, oily yummy dishes?
Great news to moms who are healthy ambassadors in their own right, and of course to some other moms who doesn't think that way too, cooking with oils such as frying, sauteing, etc, can now be made healthier.

Hurray! Say what?

Oh yes!  I was stunned as  you were too.  So, aside from olive oil, there's now Rice Bran Oil.
Compared to olive oil, rice bran oil is fairly healthy, the difference is that olive oil undergoes the cold-press procedure.

Grande Rice Bran Oil, the brand, uses the finest extraction and physical refinement processes. Thus, Grande was able to produceone of the helthiest oils in the world, for frying, searing, and sauteing without worrying that your ingesting way too much oil, which could substantially make you unhealthy.

So you may ask how healthy this kind of oil be, right?

In an event to launch this product in the market, our team was able to summarize everything in one video. Well, for me it only implied "delicious."

Chef Miko Aspiras demonstrated how rice bran oil can be used as a healthier substitute to our regular frying meduim.  But before that, rice bran oil was introduced as "the Olive Oil of the East."  You see, rice bran oil is extracted from the middle layer of the husk and the grain wherein it is rich in natural such as Vitamin E, phytosterols and Gamma-oryzanol.

Rice bran oil is high in two unusual compounds called oryzanol and tocotrienols. Other oils don't have much - if any - of these two.

Oryzanol been shown to block the absorption of cholesterol into the body. It acts like the cholesterol-lowering margarines (e.g. Heart Plus and Pro-activ). These have the sterols added and the sterols are generally derived from soy.

Tocotrienols are a group of related fat-soluble compounds that are converted into vitamin E which is a well-researched antioxidant for the heart. They're a form of the vitamin that hasn't been as widely researched as the more well-known alpha-tocopherol form. While corn, wheatgerm and soybeans contain tocopherols, tocotrienols are found in palm and rice bran oils (as well as barley, oats).

For cooking, it also fairs well, better than olive oil actually.  With a smoke point (up to 240° C to 254° C, gets cooking quicker and beyond that, it doesn't compromise the falvor of food as it does not have taste.

The best deal for me is this- this oil can help improve diabetes, high blood pressure obesity and prevent cancers.  Well, my daughter is a juvenile diabetic, and we've managed to keep her up with a healthy diet yet without sacrificing on food, hence, more home-cooking.

Price is pretty competitive as well with olive oil, with only P 185 for 1 Liter !00% Rice Bran Oil and P 365 for the 2 liter variant.

Will do more research on rice bran oil in the future and probably, I could post a good recipe using Grande Bran oil here.

In the mean time, you can check out their website to learn more about the product or visit their Facebook page and Instagram page.

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