Sunday, July 9, 2017

Baguio: A Different Perspective of a Family Escape

For the nth time, our family have been escaping the dynamic life in Manila.


Baguio. our temporary distraction from reality and routine-living.

This time I was so eager to see "The Valley of Colors" in La Trinidad.  Also known as Stobosa, it's a hill of gigantum mural led by the solar artist Jordan Mangosan together with Tam-Awan artists.  Stobosa actually stands for Stonehill, Botiwtiw, and Sadjap, the three sitios on which the artwork now stands.


Baguio isn't what it used to be 10 years ago, nor was it last year when we last had an overnight. Today, even though the mist had always been upon us, followed by drizzles from the clouds, the city had been ever so busy, with people, with cars and with all the hustle and bustle.

But we still went there...the six-pack family.

We started with a filling lunch at Arca's Yard with the commanding view of one of Baguio's hills.

Blog to follow on that...

Next, we needed to have our driver (the husband and the dad) have a rest after finding  our friend's rental place where we stayed for the night and had a hearty breakfast.

Taken from the balcony of SM Mall

It had been raining the whole time so going around wasn't so spectacular, until our dinner and the night market at Burnham Park (good thing the rain stopped, giving us time to explore the premier "ukay-ukay" along the street).

Morning the next day was all about learning how to bike but driving and riding the go cart at Burnham Park.

Traffic going to La Trinidad was terrible so my two girls opted for strawberry taho at the park instead.

Lunch was petrifying looking for a restaurant then seeing it closed at 11 am.

Worst was finding out about The Ketchup Food Club not operating anymore.

So off to horde herbs, perennials and succulents at Wright Park.

Lunch was at the nearby pancitan/turo-turo.

On the brighter side, the kids were able to have their pictures taken with this beauty Barbied-up horse.

Made friends with a St. Bernard...

Isn't he the coolest!  But my kids felt a little pity over him.

Before we headed back to Manila, we Googled Tam-Awan Village.

Where our Danielle felt at home with all the artworks.

Where we communed with nature while being followed  by eerie mist on top of the hill.

Overall, we were able to have such a perfect bonding weekend, getting lost, enjoying meals (the bests of what Baguio can offer), discovering places off the beaten path.

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