Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rekindle Christmas Traditions the Healthy Way with Healthy Options' Gift Boxes

The season of gift-giving is already upon us.  Yes, it was a Christmas in November on the first ever announcement of Christmas package offerings made by Healthy Options.

Nothing is wrong in planning gift-giving as early as now, it's actually best to plan ahead, make your list and do early shopping before everyone else and avoid the rush.  After all, isn't that what Santa Claus is doing every year?

With that said, Healthy Options makes Christmas tradition such a joy even when faced with the stressful Christmas-giving planning.

Last November 10 at the Glorietta branch, Healthy Options brought back that sense of goodwill with the launch of the Healthy Options Holidays: gift boxes that infuse timeless Christmas traditions with wholesome goodness.

Healthy Options like may other families is our family's choice of venue for our food supplements, alternative medicines and food for our diabetic daughter's needs and now they have expanded their items with more healthier line of food and snack items.  It is where you can buy hard to find objects, that are organic, all-natural and gourmet foodie faves.

“Holiday traditions remind us the value of selfless giving and caring for one another. That spirit of love becomes real when we help the people around us live better, healthier lives,” said Pam Suarez, Marketing Director of Healthy Options.

Designed with a stained glass motif, each gift box is themed after one of the holiday’s most popular and meaningful customs that have become symbolic of Christmas:

The Star of Bethlehem

The birth of Jesus was heralded by the appearance of a bright star, which guided Wise Men from the East to Bethlehem where the Messiah was born. Likewise, The Star of Bethlehem gift box can start loved ones on the path to good health with gourmet selections for a healthy Noche Buena feast.

The St. Nicholas

Better known today as Santa Claus, St. Nicholas was reputed to help the needy by giving presents in secret. The St. Nicholas gift box also comes as a surprise with delicious snacks and goodies to brighten the holidays.

The Advent Candle

Advent candles are traditionally used to mark the days leading to the Nativity of Christ. For a wholesome countdown to Christmas Day, The Advent Candle gift box is a welcome treat of organic goodies that families can share and enjoy.

The Evergreen Fir

With their leaves staying green all-year round, fir trees have come to symbolize everlasting life. The Evergreen Fir gift box sends the same message of long-lasting wellness and health with a collection of snacks made from all-natural ingredients.

The Christmas Angel

When Jesus was born, an angel appeared to a group of shepherds to announce the coming of the Messiah. In the same spirit, The Christmas Angel gift box is a godsend of gluten-free treats for people with celiac disease, wheat allergy, or gluten sensitivity.

The Mistletoe

While associated with kisses under its boughs, the mistletoe is an ancient symbol of love and friendship, as well as protection, healing, and new life. Packed with travel-sized essentials, The Mistletoe gift box is ideal for anyone planning a Christmas getaway.

The Poinsettia

The ‘Flower of the Holy Night’, the poinsettia figures in a Mexican legend where it blossomed forth from a bouquet of weeds offered by a poor girl to baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. Just as miraculous, The Poinsettia gift box comes with a selection of pampering essentials that are sure to make the Yuletide celebrations stress-free.

A season of health and beauty

For more personalized gift-giving, customers can curate their own holiday boxes by selecting from Healthy Options’ catalogue of festive food items. If it’s the ultimate in personal care they want, Healthy Options also offers a collection of Top 10 Natural Beauty Picks for Christmas.

“Gift-giving should reflect how much our loved ones mean to us. By showing them that we care about their health and wellbeing, we tell them wholeheartedly that we only want the best for them,” Suarez said.

To learn more about Healthy Options Holidays, visit any Healthy Options branch or visit

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