Monday, November 21, 2016

Make Your Home Germ-free and Join Us at the #1MCleanToilets Movement

Are you aware that there is World Toilet Day?  It is United Nations day of observance of the global sanitation crisis which was commemorated last November 19.  Did you ever had a discussion about toilet sanitation with any one? I bet not.  It is a topic that never ever been tackled, specially not over a good meal at a classy restaurant, but should have been a part of any conversation, specially when we talk about our family's health and wellness.  But as germ experts, Domex leads the cause for clean toilets in the country and they wouldn't compromise not sharing their expertise.

In the event which I attended this afternoon at the Mess Hall, I learned that  443 million days of school are missed because of diseases caused by germs found in unsanitary toilets which is equivalent to 1 month of school missed by every child in the Philippines.  It was a very educational event with the quirky hosting of Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio.

Rica admits that she's not too serious about having clean bathrooms as she would ask her yaya to do it, and like many other moms, she wouldn't really mind the kind of products our helpers use at our home.

Maria Luisa Orezca President of the Philippine Public Health Association said, “The issue of toilet sanitation in our country is important. There are several germs found in toilets that cause sicknesses.”

Gosh!  I didn't even realize that. I'm not too OC about the toilet spotless, but I did train my kids to flush the toilet covered and that they should wash their hands thoroughly after every visit to the loo.

The PPHA president cites that examples of such germs are fungi, which causes skin diseases, gram negative bacteria, which causes diarrhea, and myco bacteria, which is the cause of tuberculosis.”

In their committed to raise hygiene standards during the last three years,  Domex has participated in the One Million Clean Toilets project where they pledge to educate 1 million people on proper toilet sanitation every year. This year marks their three million milestone.

“We are very passionate about our mission to fight disease. And we continue to our pledge of clean toilets through our partnerships with the Philippine Public Health Association, Maxicare, and UNICEF” said Domex Brand Manager Patricia Deyto-Santos.

With that in mind, Domex looks at an area literally closer to home. This year, Domex wants to emphasize that you can lead the change for clean toilets, because after all proper sanitation practices starts at home.

But...being clean isn't always enough.

Common disinfectant may not eliminate all kinds of bacteria and germs

If you think  that a toilet that smells nice and looks sparkling-clean is enough, think again, germs and bacteria may still inhibit.  Sneaky as they are, we don't even know they are already wrecking havoc in our kids' health.  According to clean experts, a spotless toilet does not guarantee that it is germ-free.  

To be able to properly handle cleaning and making our toilets germ-free, we need to understand certain guidelines in choosing which products to choose.

Domex’s Research and Development Manager Amor Montefalcon-Prieto says “In order to stay 99.9% germ free it is essential to use a specialized toilet cleaner that not only cleanses but kills germs. “Consumers might be content with using thin bleach and laundry detergent. While they may clean the toilet, they do not kill germs thoroughly.”

At the event, certain guidelines were given for us which product is best to use in our home.


Domex works in a way that has triple action because it thoroughly cleanses, has effective contact time and has far reach. Domex kills a wide range of germs such as various fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Because it is 5 times thicker than thin laundry bleach, it also lasts up to seven flushes, while thin bleach lasts only for two. In addition, Domex is also able to access hard-to-reach areas inside your toilet. 

It is the firm advocacy of Domex that everything, including proper sanitation, starts at home. By working actively with households PPHA, Maxicare, and UNICEF Domex helps spread awareness on the sanitation issue in our country.

Begin proper cleanliness in your home by joining the #1MCleanToilets movement. Visit Domex Philippines’ Facebook page for more information.

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