Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Recharged for More Work Ahead at Metro Vigan

I would define recharging your batteries as anything that lets you: catch up on sleep, (naps) let go of muscle tension, (massage, yoga) hangout with people you love or really like (socialize) laugh, and slow down your nervous system and heart rate through some sort of relaxation technique (including listening to relaxing music or reading a good book), and getting some form of aerobic exercise that makes you sweat.

But sometimes, it takes more than a quick relief from stress-inducing lifestyle, rather you'd need to be taken out of that place which most of the time gives you stress.
I'm talking about home.

When many see a home as refuge, resting-place, a relaxing nest, I see it as a jungle, a place of unending chores to do, and it is also where I write out my thoughts while tending to our shop just below our house and it is where I'm usually stationed to wait on my kids.

But of please, don't get me wrong, I certainly do not hate my home, in fact, I couldn't have lived this long without it, my family is my home, and my house too is our home.  When every member of my family is inside our home, I'm at peace it is our shelter from the obscureness that surrounds us, my kids' stronghold and where they make their own keepsakes.

Like any jungle-home, it is also oftentimes the place where they sort out their differences which in gets out of control and leads to unending bickering and ranting.

So, we needed a break, out of this, and thus, the best way for us is to have a get-away.  This time we chose to go back to Vigan, Ilocos Sur.  It was just a two-day get-away and we chose to spent an overnight accommodation at Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel. 

Our long, 8-hour non-stop drive which started at 1 am in the morning, ended with a good-rest at Metro Vigan, which happens to be 10 minutes away from the busy capital of Vigan City an to the heritage town of Vigan.

Above are our four kids awaiting to be guided to our room.

You can see that even in their lobby, you can see that this boutique hotel have melded our culture tot he modern reserves of living,

 You will notice that in every corner, you will see wood carvings which tells stories of the Filipino's festive culture.

On your way to your assigned room, this huge wood carving will welcome you and will eventually tell you what the hotel's theme is.  I guess, you would agree is I tell you that nothing can ever compare to every towns' fiesta.  The wood carving simply depicts that.

The corridors leading to the rooms abounds in magical images, very Instagram-worthy as I may say.

Every rooms are bedecked with a beautiful and colorful wood carving which was commissioned from a group of Paete-based wood-carvers.


The clean room though highlighted with pink trimmings is very huge, which as good for our family.  But were 6 so it was still not fit for us, I could have opted to get another room but since we will be staying for one night and most of our time will be spent roaming around Vigan, we opted not to.

Our room, Premier Room, has two double beds, we ordered another bed for my son.

 It is equipped with cable TV, an office to work with (if you needed), it has strong WIFI too.

On one side of the office table is a cabinet which has a coffee bar and beneath it is a mini ref.

Coffee and tea bar.

For your gadgets and important stuff's safety, you can use the safe, with combinational keys.

In the bathroom...

I'm very particular about bathrooms.  So I immediately checked it out upon arrival to our room.  It is as standard as can be and was filled with the sanitary stations.

But most of all, I'm very particular about the cleanliness, next is the hot and cold water shower provision and third is the over-all design.  It was clean as it should be, but what I love are the tiles used on the walls, The details are likened to wainscoting-style walls.  Of course, no doubt about the provision of clean towels.

Though it has modern touches, you will still feel that you're in Vigan, as it also host some Spanish-architectural elements strewn in some parts of the hotel.

The garden leading to the restaurant...

The cafe

The spa and the pool area.

The pool has a slide...

Spick and span and a very enticing pool.

Aside from the formal event venues, you will also find a secret courtyard which was very picturesque.

Restful night, after a fun tour and food crawls, was enough for my family to recharge.  The rooms are cozy enough for us to forget, even for a night how busy our address is and that it is always better to stick as one family despite all the conundrums our lives had been offering.

Will we go back to this hotel?  Yes!  With the cozy and relaxing ambiance are welcoming and courteous staff that were always at our service whenever we needed them.  Some things you can not bargain for.

Metro Vigan Fiesta Garden Hotel

Address:    National Highway, Guimod, 
                  Bantay,(Metro Vigan) Ilocos Sur, 
Contact Details:  +63 77 644 0401
                            +63 02 584 4176
                            +63 917 809 8909


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