Saturday, August 6, 2016

Serenely Stylish Modern Zen Experience Now at Midori Clark Hotel and Casino

On the photo is Joy Mendiola of

There are so many ways to love about this newly opened hotel in Clark, Pampanga. As the government eyes Clark International Airport to serve Northern part of Manila and the rest of Northern Luzon areas, Clark is seen to flourish in the coming future, thus having more hotels and entertainment venues would be welcome in the environment.

Midori Clark Hotel and Casino adds a new tone to the seemingly forgotten commercial venue that is Pampanga.  Midori is a Japanese word for green, though the building isn't painted green, it's beautifully built in the middle of lush greeneries.

Aside from the perfect location and it's zen-like theme, there are more reasons why tourists should choose Midori as their next home away from home.

1. The vicinity where Midori is exudes a restful ambiance as it is naturally enveloped with huge trees and well manicured shrubs.

Do you know that green is the color of growth, and of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy.

Midori is just like that, a sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being.

2.  The Zen-like inspiration is heavily laced with YinYang influences.  

Oriental influences would attest to the fact that Feng Shui rules can help find a site where anyone is more likely to be harmonious, or a locale where a business is more likely to succeed. People who know Feng shui can really tell that the hotel is really filled with "chi"

3. Instagram-worthy spots.

4.  Staff were very amicable and well-trained in the hospitality business.

5.. The rooms are fit for the modern lifestyle of both the businessmen and travelers.

For room amenities kindly check at this LINK

6. Baccus Lounge

7.  Cafe Midori

8. Toscana Dining



9. GYM

10. Chan Spa

Your stay at Midori wouldn't be complete without getting a massage at the in-house spa.  Chan Spa underwent a valuable training from none-the-less than Pevonia Botanica experts.

I was so blessed to have tried out their dry back massage.  Every massage begins with a ritual - a foot soak and quick foot massage.

Though not the best massage I had, it relieved me from my stress and back pains.  I surely miss my last Pevonia massage at Aum Spa at Crimson Mactan Hotel.

10.  Fiesta Hall

This huge hall will be an inviting venue for events that clients would really cherish.

These are just some of the facilities and service which clients can now indulge with at Midori hotel.  Aside form these a fully operational casino is now in full swing, a soon to rise pool garden, cigar lounge, mah jong lounge and more exciting facilities that would suit every clienteles' needs.

Decided already to book at Midori?  Book here.


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