Monday, August 8, 2016

Hunt & Gather, The Father's Day Edition

One of the things my girls and I get all excited about is going to food and craft fares. Thinking it's a fashion event, my girls came all dressed up, good thing it wasn't what they were expecting, coz, we'll end up bringing home more stuff for their closet, which will not make their Dad happy..

Even so, the three of us had so much fun checking out the event, and we learned a lot.

I got a couple of bags of pili nuts from Cracking Monkeys  at the Apotheca stall.  You will love i's packaging that comes with a metal nut cracker.  So clever!

From my IG feed

Em Sulit, one of the organizers, had me tried dehydrated vegetables and fruits into yummy snack chips and so I made sure to try some of their products.

This time they had me at Carrot chips in cheese flavor and apple chips.

My daughter collects almost anything, including air plants.  So when we passed by Mr. and Mrs. Green, she just have to buy another one.  It's to grace her office at school, she said.

Another thing we love going to this kind of fares/bazaars is sampling out food stuff.  Well. who doesn't?

We got to know about "laing in a jar" at Native Gourmet.

And helped ourselves with bowls of organic champorado.  It was said to have organic brown rice and organic cacao in it.  You can also find Native Gourmet at Healthy Eats at Medicard Building in Makati.

Here, you don't only get to see not just one store that specializes in essences, specialty soups and oils.

I went gaga over them, ending up not being to buy any from them, cause, my kids were bugging me to see the other stalls.

Remind me not to bring them next time...

Fresh and organic veggies for keeps.

My favorite ready-to-drink local tea- Bayani Brew.

We couldn't afford not to have honey at home, it's not only for emergencies (when my daughter gets hypoglycemic and when our dogs get sick), but as an ingredient to some of my regular recipes in vinaigrette and pastries.

These lovely Longan flavored honey are amazing! Got them at Doterra's booth.

I know how late this posting is for the last Hunt and Gather event, and I'm sorry not posting this right away.  But fret not, you can get your dose of local retail shopping, and have a taste and feel of the local artisan's craftsmanship, either for home use or as a gift to friends and loved ones.

And what do you know, another one is looming in the horizon,  Come September, Hunt and Gather will again be present at Glorietta's Activity Center (Glorietta 4).

This time it's to celebrate our beloved Grandparents' Day.

This will be on September 9 to 11, during mall hours.  And yes, no entrance fee!

Check out their Instagram and Facebook feeds for their next event...

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