Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Exile Creamery Co.: A Preview of Heavenly Flavors

After trying out some dishes from Exile at Main St. Restaurant, we were given a chance to try some of their artisan ice cream creations.  Nothing but pure joy for this event.  It could have been unbeatable if I was able to go home with a bucket or two of their delectable flavored ice cream.

Like most of the artisan, home-spun ice cream that seemed to be prosper about, Exile claims it ti be 'all-natural'.  It means natural ingredients such as true cream, whole milk, eggs, sugar, and home-made vanilla extract, etc, goes in their ice creams.

They churn it in small batches, keeping tight look at each recipes.  The ice cream are given more varieties but made with more passion as they also make and bake them themselves, such as the cookies, cakes and other mix ins.

I first love MadMark's Half-baked Madagascar Ice Cream., now after tasting Chocolate Chip Cookie Cloud (Half-Baked Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies in Vanilla Ice Cream), I couldn't see any comparison but I'm now equally in love with the latter.

Another exciting and out-of-the-ordinary flavor I got so engrossed with is the Mad Tea Party (Creamy Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream w/Lemon Pound Cake).  It's base is Earl Tea on vanilla cream with bits of their own-baked lemon pound cake.  Spoon after spoon of this gave made me conjour of times I'm seated on a good chair relaxing away with this tea on one hand and a good book on the other.  This also made me bake more  Earl Tea Cookies at home.

Milk & Cookies (Cookie-Infused Ice Cream w/Half-Baked Chocolate Cookies) is another winner.

When you say the people behind these creations are creative, it's but an understatement!  Have you ever thought of using Maja Blanca as a flavor in ice cream? Well, they did and it worked!  It's like eating a cold and creamy Maja Blanca and getting bits of sweet corn and latik in between,

I'm a huge ice cream fan, but when it's infused with chocolate, that brings me to heaven in a flash.  Who says you can not experience heaven on earth?  With The Revel Bar (Fudge Ice Cream w/Oatmeal Walnut Chunks), you can!  Gonna note to order this on Christmas, oh wait, I think we can have this later...

So, bye for now, got to call them for delivery...

Do call them at 632 9621843 or at their Globe cp number: 09062555670.

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