Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gourmet and Artisan Stuff from Pastry Armoire to Fill Every Kitchen with Precious Memories

A new addition to BF Homes' growing foodie go-to list is Pastry Armoire, tucked at the second level of Ivory Building, along El Grande.

Last Sunday, with some South-based mommy bloggers, we were treated as a princess for a day, as we were all given some foot spa treatment care of Pick and Polish Nail Salon.  It was a collaborative celebration as Pastry Armoire, Chef Anna Chua's new sweet venture was launched.

I've known Chef Anna for years now and I have been "fan-girling" ever since.  Her creativeness in designing such decadence in the art of confectionery and pastry just magnifies her.  Believe me when I say, I'm not into celebrities 'coz I would follow after famous celeb chefs or chefs instead, those chefs that have lived up to my expectations when it comes to dining.  

I'm sure everyone knows about My Pink Wasabi, well Chef Anna Marin Chua was the genius behind it. However, it was time for her to rebrand and show off more of her baking skills and she now have added breads on her list of awesome products.

Though she still carries her old pastry products, her business have grown into a collaborative project with other top artisan and gourmet brands in the market, such as Up in the Cloud Ice Cream, Deep Dips Gourmet, Slurp, COO and more.

What's even great is that you can order and pick up all her products at a convenience in her branch at El Grande in BF Homes.  Along with her partner brands and I'm proud to say, my Italian products will also be displayed in the shop, you can buy and start filling your kitchen with the really good stuff.  

Below are just some of the "good stuff" I was telling you about.  Blessed enough to have savored them during the pampering time, and I'm so glad both Pastry Armoire and Pick and Polish extended the kindness to my two girls.

Blueberry Scones

Spreads and jams for the scones

Sampling of the  three bestseller cakes of Chef Anna.

Sticky Buns to go with your coffee or tea, Cinnamon Pecan, Dark Chocolate, Tipsy Bacon.  I'm raving for the Tipsy Bacon and Dark Chocolate Sticky Buns.  

This is a lovely jar of chocolate mousse topped with nuts, raisins and chocolate chips.  The consistency of the mousse was so velvety with one bite, you'll never look back, even with a heavy heart, it seemed this jar of pleasure just melts all those heaviness away.

After finishing one bottle, I sighed, wanting more...

Got addicted to these cheese sticks.

These cute Key Lime Pie is another crowd-pleaser, with the right sweetness balanced with the tart and zesty lime filling.

Just one of the gorgeous table studded with sweet gems for our delight.

I did mention Pastry Armoire's partner products right?  

Coin pizzas with Deep Dips Spicy Dulong topped with Kesong Puti from Bulacan.

And the princesses...

Don't they all looked comfy and having a blast?

Pick and Polish's gel nail station.

My daughters, Danica and Danielle also had their nails done.

Danielle can't get her hands of these, refreshing COO flavored sodas.

Pastry Armoire
Address: 2/F Unit 7 Ivory Building,
               El Grande cor Florence St,
               BF Homes, ParaƱaque


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