Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sangley Point, Island Cove

After a dip in the pool or a shower from the newest water park attraction, Oceana Water Park in Island Cove, what follows after?  Yes, sun spots and tan lines!  Wait that's not all, of course, the kids would not mind having those as long as they are having fun, agree?  But what I really want to tell you is the partner of every swimming sessions - sumptuous and tummy-filling food.

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park boasts of their culinary take on comfort food, leaving you wanting for more after you have tried their menu.  Sangley Point is just one of the many food stops inside the resort, to name them - Fishing Village for authentic Filipino dishes, i Cafe at the O Hotel lobby, and you can also have your fill while tuning a note at the Bayside Live Music and KTV.

To beat that day's heat, I easily drank more than the usual glass of iced tea.  The refreshing house-brewed iced tea is served in a mason jar with not just one slice of lime, eyh, beat that!  Oh, how I love vintage accents on dining spots.

I'm just so engrossed with this photo, not that I'm over ventilating on my photography skills.  From this angle you can almost see everything that makes up the salad.  Honestly though, I'm more drawn to the thick strip of those sinful bacon beside the soft boiled egg.  The dressing is somewhere mashed in between those fresh greens, croutons and Swiss cheese cubes.

Then, these came... I thought I was good with the salad, which I loved, when I heard the crackles from the other bloggers happily munching on these nachos which were grandly served with three dippings.  From right to upper left, Marinara, some cheesy yet sour dip, and chili.  So I dug in with not just a few, cause they are that good!

Flat bread pizzas are not just adorable to look at they're way too delish to even describe it and the aroma is just so "adorbs."

We had three different varieties, but whatever you order you'll get the exact amount of deliciousness (if that's the word to put it), cheesyness, and the proper crisp that needed to be achieved in gorging an authentic Italian flat bread.
Don't ever mind the mess, there are times though that a mess can be a work of art, or a lovely dessert even, haha.  But hey, let me warn you, don't be fooled by the look, you may either like or dislike the taste.  These ice cream scoops are the ones we normally buy from the "dirty ice cream" tubs that are being sold on carts with ringing bells.

Also, if you wish to schedule a tour at the resort and try these stuff, you may want to review their offerings first.  I've taken the luxury of capturing the menu pages for you.

On a meal, like what we had, a salad, nacho and pizza, will have you paying P 800 ++ without the drinks.  But this can serve two to three persons already.  Will I recommend them?  Of course, but it would still depend on your budget, but you don't have any other choices unless you go outside the vicinity and look for another restaurant.  Why? The top most regulation a visitor needs to know is that food and beverages are not allowed inside the resort and hotel.

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