Thursday, April 3, 2014

That Concludes Yet Another Challenging School Year

It's finally summer vacation!  No more waking up early (despite going to bed late), no more rushing in preparing breakfast and lunch, and ahh, yes, no more assignments and projects to finish, but only for the mere two months time.

So with that we have concluded the hardest school year ever (that's according to my daughter Danielle). Hhmmm, wait till we see the coming school season.  But for now, let me just savor the moment of enjoying how we spent celebrating my daughter's HS graduation, my other two daughters' recognition awards and birthdays.

March was and has always been the busiest month for the family, second will be December, with three birthdays, school activities to attend to, and other concerns, I thought I wouldn't be able to survive it.  It's one big reason why we need to have a break, even for a Saturday, when my husband's side of the family all come together to celebrate all mentioned.

We decided to bring them to Island Cove, after seeing how it have developed so much and seeing all the new amenities of the resort.  I just had to let them experience how fun a day can be at the leisure park.

After touring the whole island we had the most deserving lunch fill our angry tummies at The Fishing Village.

We rented a hut in stilts over the sea coast of Manila Bay.  We were given no. 16, being one of the biggest "bahay-kubo."  The fee is P3000 but consumable, in other words you can have the hut for free as long as your order will not be lower than the cost of the rental.

The best part of the stay at the Fishing Village is none the less than fishing.

We rented three bamboo fishing poles and one automatic rod.  The rental for the bamboo poles are only P100 each while the automatic is P 250.  The rental costs also covers a cup each of flour-based bait.  The use is unlimited.

That's my son who chose to use the automatic rod on the forefront and my nephew with him.  It was one of those rare moments that the 7 cousins all come together in an event.

 The kids all trying their best to catch one, at least a small Tilapia.  Catching fish here can be difficult but fun, there are actually schools of fish in different species swarming the coastal area.  But we were told that the best time to come and catch some biggies is in the morning.  We were there at 11:30 am so fishes come aplenty but they tend to hide away from the sunny part.

The trophy goes to Jaeda, an eight-year old, who caught the first fish in our area.  It took them more than an hour to get one.

My son was so happy that in his first time to fish he was able to get two fish.  Like what they did to the first fish, they let it back in the water, because they are still too small for grilling. 

The rental was so "sulit," my sister-in-law caught one also, and it sure looked like it was also a first time.  I never knew sports -fishing can be this exciting, perhaps for newbies like us, noh.

Lunch was served next, only we chose the set package A (which costs P 3000).  I wasn't able to take some photos so I'll be sharing the lunch prepared for us bloggers ,compliment of the owner, Gilbert Remulla.

We got started with loads of appetizer served on a wooden sungka.  Called Sungkaan, munch up with these while waiting for your dishes.  Cute idea noh!
We also loved every bite of the Pork Bacon Barbecue.  I remembered eating Bacon Slab from Poco Deli with these, it may be seasoned the same  or marinated the same way, but sliced thinly and served on bbq stick.  
Steam up the moment some more with a bowl of Deconstructed Sinigang na Lapu-Lapu sa Miso.  The soup base isn't as sour as you may think, right after the hot bowl was served to me, the staff put on the top a dollop of miso paste (or grind) which should amplify the the sourness of the soup.  Though it was piping hot, you will alos notice the veggies are not soggy, I like a little crisp on my veggies making sure they are fresh to the bite and the nutrients still intact.

So I found this plate of Ensalada Espesyal adorable with fresh  green mango slices and veggies intermixed with crispy steamed okra and kangkong, grilled eggplant  topped with smoked fish floss served with their homemade bagoong.

Another one they boast on the menu is the Pritong Hito, it's butterflied and deep-fried catfish served with the buro.  It was fried perfectly that I was able to savor not the fishy aftertaste or the odor but the meaty goodness of say a good and expensive fish.

Now this brought me to seafood haven.  It's Seafood Kinilaw, a mix of slightly cooked seafood bites in vinegar made more appetizing with cucumber, tomatoes, garlic, onion, ginger and sili labuyo.

Another top pick from the diners is the Bagnet Pinakbet.  Stir-fried Philippine veggies flavored with shrimp paste amped up with Ilocos inspired pork nibs- Bagnet.
If you asked me if I tried all that were dished out, I'll say yes, as always.  But, of course a taste of here and there just so I can tell what you  can order best.  And I'm now having a hard time telling you which viands are best, cause I think all of what's in the menu were carefully thought of to please every diners.  Like in the case of their Kare-Kare.  I'm so particular with the distinctiveness of this dish  so I'm one hard client to please when it comes to Kare-kare.  I like mine thick in broth but not sweet as in the issue of using peanut butter as oppose to using pureed peanut from scratch.  The meat should be tender to the bite, with less fat of course, veggies should not be overcooked and no bits of them shown swimming in the broth.  Finally, the dish should be complemented by a good serving of home-made bagoong.  And I'm happy that their take on my favorite dish was pleasing enough and have passed my standard.
The best-selling item on their menu is the Lechon sa Buho.  It's pork belly wrapped in bamboo and cooked like the way a Crispy Pata is done, except secret spices were added making it a favorite take-out and home-order even on holidays.  It is served sliced the one shown on the photo above when ordered together with a package but highlighted this way...

Before I could have loosened my belt for all the bounty, I marveled at these beautifully arranged seafood platter as if it was telling me, "Come and enjoy us."  
My favorite were the Chili Crabs and Grilled Leek-stuffed Pusit. 

Before you can say and order plain rice, try to consider Adobo Rice, Garlic Rice or Bagoong Rice as well.  We had the Adobo Rice and surprisingly it was not that oily as I have initially guessed.

Drink up with fresh fruit juice offerings to complete that summer-perfect lunch or dinner.  That's Watermelon Shake on the left and Buko Juice on the left.

Make sure to end a well-deserved meal with fresh fruit platter.

You can also have Turon de Leche for dessert or snack, best for the scorching heat of the season.  Mini-turon with langka bits served with home-made ube ice cream and drizzled with choco syrup.

The Fishing Village can be found inside Island Cove, along Covelandia Rd, Kawit, Cavite.


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