Friday, June 27, 2014

Authentic Aussie Tucker at Skippy's Bar and Grill

There are those special moments – like hiking to the top of a mountain and being surprised by a spectacular view laid out before you, or a particular conversation that made you feel deeply loved, understood, and appreciated – which can make all the rest of the daily grind worthwhile.  But if time does not permit, nor your special someone is away, why not just indulge with a good company, at an upbeat venue where music conspires with your favorite cocktails and of course great-tasting tucker.  

Tucker?  Come again? 

Tucker is slang for food in Australia.  It was so timely that I was able to give this new restaurant a go.

Skippy's Bar and Grill serves up to gladden our growling tummies and cravings for that particular dish authentic to Aussies. 

A bit secluded to where foodies go, Skippy's can be found at The Forum, where Koko Buri and Sarsa is located, along with other up and coming food joints.

The place is easily identified as true Australian with a character. On the mirrored wall on the right side is a sticker that says "Go Autralia."  The kangaroo, an obvious symbol is everywhere.  It's even included in the company's brand logo, so no doubt you're sure to have your fill of Aussie tucker.  Would it?

Well then, let us see...

We began by ordering our beverages. I got me a cold glass of fresh Four Seasons, while the others got Mango Shake and Cranberry Juice.

Reviewing the menu was such joy.  It shone with specialties from regular restaurants and households in Australia with favorites such as meat pies, bangers, fish n' chips and more, a whole lot more! 

To begin with the night's gastronomic fete, I dug my forks into Skippy’s Salad (P 250.00).  It is made of julliened veggies, ham, grilled chicken, sliced boiled egg, and cheese.  It came with a dressing, a mix of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and French mustard.

Also, a bowlful of Green Salad (P 200.00) prepared our palate for more of what's to come on our table.  By its namesake, it literally is so green, even the dressing that came with it is green, which is the same dressing as the other salad I had.  See how fresh that looks.

Aren't you glad, Stephen Bird came to the country?  He is the Australian owner who decided to bring his country's cuisine here and share it to us foodies of Manila. That said, he is also hands-on to the kitchen, making sure that the kitchen staff are trained enough to truly serve up to his standards. Though he is not a chef, it's his passion in cooking that makes Skippy's a foodie go-to place.  

Without him, I won't be able to try one of the best meat pies I have tried.  The Shepherd's pie is a classic, fresh ground lamb mashed with seasoned veggies and adorably topped with cheese is so divine-looking. Look how perfectly it was baked.  That mound of cheese was enough to have me contemplating from all my sins.  On my first fork-bite, I mumbled, "I have to learn how to make this at home, or else..!"

I hope no one is drooling right now.

Oops!  Oh wait...Oh no...

Now someone's drooling.

Don't be shy, this burger is really drool-worthy!

Called as The Lot, this big Aussie Burger is comprised of home-made beef patty, BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato), beetroot, egg, pickle pineapple, cheese and caramelized onion in between freshly baked bun.  For a reasonable price of P 450, a plate come with French fries.

These are Spicy Chook Fingers or simply chicken fritters, coated breast chicken fillet fingers fried till golden. Crunchy on the outside yet tender on the middle, its flavorful without being salty and let me mention it's not also oily. Perfect bar chow, right?

Next on our feasting was the Chicken Parmigiana (P 450) nested on a bed of fries.  Tenderized chicken breasts enveloped with their own tomato sauce and cheese, then baked.  It is known for a fact that Australians are spud-eater, but I think this would go better with a garlic toast.

If you want something with rice, have Baby Back Ribs, which can be ordered in half (P 650) or full slab (P 1,050).  You can have it with potatoes (baked, mashed or grattan), chips and coleslaw, or rice.  This rack is succulent, grilled and glazed with smokey and tangy BBQ sauce.

Salisbury Steak, another of my kids fave, a regular on our bills.  Skippy's is done fairly, smothered in a their own recipe house-made mushroom sauce can be an instant crowd favorite.  This can be also ordered with rice or coleslaw on the side.

Their menu is so varied, but the ingredient that stands out the most is the spud, in common terms, potato.  I never really heard or seen of Potato Scallops till now.  The potatoes were sliced in scallop, battered heavily and fried.  How they serve this dish is very unique, on the side are small bowls for dippings.  One is for the garlic mayo, and the other is for chicken salt.

This is the chicken salt which Mr. Bird himself makes in batches.  It's rock salt flavored with chicken drippings.

Another interesting dish which gained a bit of popularity till lately is a bar chow called Dimsim.  According to Mr. Bird, like other countries, Australia have welcomed other culinary trends from foreign countries. Dimsim, probably come from the Chinese' Dim Sums.  Its recipe however was invented and borrowed a term from the locals favorite Chinese snack.

Like the Salisbury steak, you can not find it in the menu, but you may ask the server for it.

This is the cross section of Dimsim,
It's actually rolled phyllo dough with ground meat in between, battered and deep-fried.  I like that they serve it lightly seasoned and an option to salten it up with chicken salt or dipped on mayo.  It was interesting but not something to win me over.

Skippy's does not just cater to the after-office crowds but also to everyone who is hungry for heavy food servings. They open early at 9 am to dish out brekkies, the Aussie way. The all-day b-fast is also on the menu. Though they close in the afternoon, they open up again at 6 pm and closes until 2 am.

All the servings were huge, food are worth visiting and on top of the great service of the wait-staff you can also partake in the live band performances from local bands.

Address:  G/ F The Forum
               Federacion Drive Corner 7th Avenue after 26th Avenue,
               Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1632

Contact Number:   0949 888 9300


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