Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting Acquainted with Sunday Producers' Market at Evia

Last Sunday was hotter than the usual...or maybe not.  I guess we spent the day longer outside the house to visit friends located at the South.  It was a routine before the start of a school week, so it's market or grocery day for this domestic diva and for the girls.  This time it included the family's "bunso," our pup, Hazel Nutella.
We first visited my friend Julie and her kids at their house at Cerritos Heights along Daang Hari to finally meet their latest family addition, their princess type Shi Tzu named Summer.  
Another plan was to buy farm staples from the EVIA Producers' Market.  Below is the event poster which I shared in our Facebook page.

Soon after Gigi Morris posted this ad on her FB timeline, I've been figuring out how I can fix a route to Alabang on a Sunday.  Knowing how they run MOCA Farm, their family farm in Batangas, and having met a union of Batangas farmers operating on natural and organic farming, any fresh food consumer and advocate will definitely enjoy what these farmers have worked for which they have so kindly brought nearer to the metro.

Apart from selling fresh and clean farm produce, they also forward agri-tourism.  As lawfully defined by the Department of Tourism, Agri-tourism also referred to as “farm tourism” is a form of tourism activity conducted in a rural farm area which may include tending to farm animals, planting, harvesting and processing of farm products. It covers attractions, activities, services and amenities as well as other resources of the 
area to promote an appreciation of the local culture, heritage and traditions through personal contact with the local people. (credit link)

 The EVIA Producers' Market is being organized by BAGA Manila at Evia Lifestyle Center.  Our local farmers are there every Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm. 

"Come and have your Sunday morning coffee with us! Every Sunday from 7 am to 2:00 pm.Support your local farmers, shop and market after your Sunday morning jog, after your Sunday morning mass, worship or prayer services. Have your early morning brunch and enjoy the food from our BAGA Manila friends. Shop and appreciate the artisanal food and non-food products you can only find in this growing market. And yes, meet your family farmers and other small producers for an early morning Sunday chat," as Gigi invites us all.

So, what to see and get at Evia's Sunday Market?  These farms almost have it all, from herbs, leafy veggies and seasoned fruits to pantry staples- all you need for a week's supply of healthy diet.
Here are the stuff I bought, and I was glad to have my dear friend Julie with me at the market. 

 Four different plants and herbs at P 50 each.  The vine with a stick is the ternatea, next to it (clockwise) is basil, kale and parsley.

Bought some large-sized camote or sweet potatoes as well.  

Oh and looky, my childhood fruit, duhat!  We also got kilos of sweet carabao mangoes.  

 These jackfruit slices are only P25 a piece, I think I got all that were left, since we came after lunch, I guess just right before the pack their produce away.
So, as expected, I used some of the stuff I bought.  Our Monday healthy juice was a mix of the farmers' produce, mango, duhat and kale.  I added a bunch of malungay and some apples to make it ultra healthy.

Hope to see you there every Sunday...more products are waiting for you and do get to meet these lovely farmers and let us all learn a thing or two from them.  Look for an alley with white tents just across the parking lot of Starbucks Evia.

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