Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The MASATO SHOW by Buddha Bar

Engulfed in lavish interiors, staying true to the brand’s posh reputation and proud lifestyle heritage, Buddha Bar Manila, have been a nesting place to Makati's yuppies and fashionistas for more than two years now.

A culinary and foodie playground, it is known to be one of the country’s top restaurants, offering a wide array of cuisine. From Western delicacies to the delectable Pacific Rim dishes, Buddha-Bar Manila never fails to surprise its diners and patrons with new and flavorful food.

To treat us food lovers, Buddha-Bar Manila brings in world-class renowned Japanese chef, Chef Masato. Chef Masato is currently Buddha-Bar Paris and Buddha-Bar International’s Head Sushi Chef, directly involved in crafting sumptuous and mouth-watering sashimi and sushi rolls set to satisfy every patron’s taste buds worldwide.

Real kitchen action will be shown in front of the diners and detailed sushi making will be explained by Chef Masato. Guests will witness the art of authentic Japanese sashimi and sushi preparations and served straight from Chef Masato’s station, guaranteed fresh and tastes heavenly.

To give a glimpse of the upcoming event, watch the movie clip below.

Buddha-Bar Manila welcomes Chef Masato this July 5 as the international chef serves his genius creations of fresh tuna sashimi and sushi rolls, prepared right in front of you. Chef Masato will be showcasing everybody’s favorite, the Buddha-Bar signature sashimi and sushi rolls best paired with wine and sake for only Php 1,000!

Head on to Buddha-Bar Manila this July 5, from 7:00 to 10:00PM for an exclusive feel of authentic Japanese cuisine and sushi experience prepared and served by the genius himself, Chef Masato.

For inquiries and table reservation, please contact Buddha-Bar Manila at 856-6859 and 856-6719 or visit


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