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Korean Barbecue Night at Bulgogi Brothers, MOA

   This is way too exciting for me for I used to be a Bulgogi Brothers virgin.  Sure the buzz over the famous Korean international brand of restaurant franchised by The Bistro Group had hovered around, even in the food blogger's community.  But there I was still reluctant.  One reason maybe because I am not so familiar with Korean cuisines.  Majority of us in the country have had a grasp on it when the Korean Tele-novela Jewel in the Palace became famous.   The show featured the culture of Korea, as well as their style in cooking and preparing food and medicine.
   I remembered how I would imagine, sensing the food she is oh-so daintily preparing to please the king and the queen.   Quite sure that most of the viewers were with eyes and mouth widely-opened and probably slobbering as they kept all attentive to the show.
   Still, all it was for me was just a spectator game.  It did however crept into my foodie thought, somehow kept adept with usual hearsay from friends about how Korean foods are.   I knew it, somehow I will have that urging in me to try it.
   Since then, I have only tried two different Korean restaurants.  Now, that I was able to visit Bulgogi Brothers in their Mall of Asia branch, I've added a new one on my list.  So, anyhoo, I just want to share how it was and what to recommend you if in any case you would want to buckle under your craving for Korean dishes.
   Bulgogi Brothers is a go to place for Korean BBQs.  But this is not like your mom and pop Korean restos which have been around for centuries-and where only Koreans go to.

   It is a hip place with modish and unique interiors.   Appealing not only to new brood foodies but to professionals as well.  At MOA, you can either have your meal al fresco facing the Manila Bay or inside dining.  Divided in two with a long leathered seating.   A large company of friends may gather on one side or be seated in a booth-type area for a more intimate dining.  Service is top-notch!  They have evened out even the minor needs of every customers.  From free Banchans to table bag hangers down to the specifics of having your food cooked on your table, by a staff.  Speaking of which, notice that every table has an induction cooker installed, and even though this is a barbecue place you don't have to worry about smelling like a grilled meat or fish for they have a good ventilation system.

   Let us now focus on  the most essential thing-their offerings.
   For its namesake, Bulgogi (pronuounced as [pulɡoɡi]) is a Korean barbecue, where prior to grilling the beef or any meat are marinated and flavoured.  The Korean word when translated to English is "fire meat."         So expect a  list of barbecue options.
   Under their Barbecue Specials menu they have five options, which are all good for sharing.

   Every order comes with Banchan, namely sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, quail eggs, spicy dilis, kimchi and Korean Salad, rice and hot tea for the day.
This salad alone wins me over, with the right spiciness and freshness.
Rice is served on a traditional metal bowl, careful when handling it, it's really hot.
   For chicken meat lickers like me, I recommend Spicy Boneless Chicken.  I extremely loved this because not only is it  served without the fuss of eating bones with it, the meat was tender to the inside and smothered with the sauce I like, which is honey-sweet with that kick of spice making it succulent.
   Who would say no to this beauty?  This platter is the Boneless Beef Ribs.  Thoroughly marinated  beef meat from the ribs with the original Bulgogi Brothers sauce.
   If you can only smell the aroma that comes out while the meat is being cooked alongside some slices of onions and sweet potatoes.  Don't worry about making a mess out of it, it will be served raw (thus making sure you are getting good quality meats) but it will be cooked right in front of you by their very accommodating staff, making sure you eat it at it's finest.  I didn't mind eating a chunkful of those tender, I almost forgot we were served with rice.
   L. A. Style Short Ribs is the same with the beef ribs served about but the bone still intact.  We couldn't argue about the fact that there are people who enjoy eating ribs with the bone, I couldn't agree more.   It may not be just the fun of it, but science can back me up on this, where in the flavor are more enhanced when the meat is cooked with it's bone.  What do you think?
   No matter what, with or without the bones, they all are still terrific.
   Do you love bacon?  Silly me!  Who doesn't love bacon?  I guess I've yet to see one.
So if you do, you will surely love the Korean Pork Belly as well.  Pork belly are cut Korean Style and have been marinated with the same special sauce used in the other meat.
   Battling with your health conscious alter-ego?  Then have some Seafood Special.  Either you have for yourself some Norwegian Salmon or Apahap fillets, both will give you the exact savory  taste you would want from the other bulgogi.  Except, a handful of  health benefits that are far too many to ignore.  Do you know that salmon is power packed with disease fighting acids, minerals and vitamins.
   Look at the color of these salmon fillets.  Beyond doubt these are served from its freshness.  Of all the things I hate concerning eating with fish is the nasty odor it will give you when you cook a stale or old fish.  But be assured that you won't experience it here, except the lasting, drooling moments of savoring the aroma of a cooking fish with Bulgogi's special marinate sauce.
   So either you love Bulgogi with beef, pork, chicken or fish, hard as it may seem to choose, the pick is yours.  
   To amp your meal here, have some Korean ice cream selection and Sochu while you're at it.

Visit any branch and sink your teeth into some delicious Korean barbecue goodness.
Bulgogi Brothers Barbecue Special is now available at their outlets in Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt 5, SM Mall of Asia, Harbor Point Mall, Subic and SM Lanang Premier.

For more information, visit Bulgogi Brothers’ Facebook page at

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  1. i've been wanting to try Bulgogi Brothers but my eating buddies are not very keen on Korean food after our misadventures.:P

    the boneless beef and salmon look scrumptious!

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