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Namnam: Filipino Comfort That's Yumyum

Greenbelt is beaming with upscale go to food establishments, becoming a global playground for every hungry epicures visiting the area or just passing by.  What strikes a relevant evolution in the food department is the fusion food being furnished by some restaurants.  With the surge of new restaurant concepts, most of the time, diners like me find it hard  to pick the kind of restaurant for the day.
I was just at Greenbelt 2 last week, though I have a list of restaurants which I consider as apples of my eyes (pun intended), it would still be unfair not to visit the new players in the zone.  There is this particular Filipino restaurant that is modest, in some cases it could aptly be described as unpretentious, no fuzzy logos, simple facade, even has a sister restaurant tucked above it.  This particular restaurant along the west side of Greenbelt caters to the underserved markets, meaning, in this side, you wouldn't find Filipino dishes.
To fix your cravings for the countries' classic, home-spun dishes, Namnam Comfort Filipino is your answer.
With the inviting interiors that is sleek and not striking to the sight, you can cozy up with friends while having meals that are down-right sumptuous.  If you have heard of Cue Modern Barbecue at High Street Central and how they have been pleasing a lot of customers, then you are in for a treat at Namnam, since the two are under the same umbrella of company, together with the Burger Bar on the second floor of Namnam.
When you need to describe Filipino food, we would ultimately yell "malinamnam" which means full of flavor and delicious, that's where the restaurant got the inspiration for their name, evidently.  Together with diners need evolving rapidly, the concept ties in with our modern world.  No more reds and orange around (these colors seem to matter in attracting ones appetite),  Cream all over, with teal long cushioned chairs.  To break the rich, elegant look a little, they have mounted black painted steel grills against the white painted brick walls   on one side with mirrored wall on the other.
What was incomparable was how their menu was designed.  The menu is divided in two, Classics and Twists.  The dishes under the Classics category are the staple comfort food Filipinos grew up with.  While the ones under the Twists are the chef's modern take on the classics.
One best example under Twists is the Sinigang na Beef Short Ribs and Watermelon.  Interestingly,  they also give a bantering ply in naming their dishes.  With headings in the menu in Filipino words (ex.: Pulutan, Sopas, Ensalada & Gulay, Lupa, Dagat, etc.)while dishes' names in either English or Taglish.   Let me just say this is way better than the Sinigang na Corned Beef.  For a rib soup dish, theirs falls of the bone easily, being tender but flavorful.   It has all the healthy ingredients in our usual sinigang, but this is not your usual sinigang.   At first, I said it looked like a tomato-based soup, being majorly reddish with red veggies floating on it.  I have actually mistaken those red thingies floating as tomatoes, but those are actually watermelon slices which actually sweetened the soup, giving its rare sweet yet tangy flavor.  In all honesty, it's by far the best Beef Sinigang I have tried.
Then, there's Ensaladang Namnam.  This invitingly colored starter will awaken your palate, hitting your sour level a notch with the mingling of julienned raw mango and pomelo.  To complete it slices of tomatoes and onions with a scrapple of tinapa flakes.
One of their best-seller is the Caramelized Patis Wings, I can tell you why.  It's their version of Buffalo Wings without burning your taste buds.  The chicken wings were marinated with chilies, spices and of course patis or fish sauce, fried and drenched with caramel glaze that's spicy and not too sweet.  I find this perfect on its own and with plain rice
We also had an order of University Fried Rice.  Getting it's inspiration from eateries near universities, they have mixed two dishes in one, sinangag or fried rice and tapa, without losing the integrity of the fried egg.  The rice even got a hefty mixing of the tapa marinate, though I found this rice dish a tad bit overwhelming when paired with other dishes.  It can be eaten on its own, like as a whole meal,since ample bits of beef tapas are mixed in it.
Also in the menu, are a number of refreshing beverages, don't forget to wash down everything with a glass of  Pandan Iced Tea.

They also serve what they call dessert beverages.  These are tall-glassed frosty blends of fruits and sweets.  One of the foodies I'm with had this charming Mango Pomelo Shake with mini sago pearls.  I never actually tasted it but by the look of it, it's a blend of tangy and milky goodness.
You can always go with strawberries for your blended drinks,   but with a warp of  kamias.  Don't worry you can only savor a hint of kamias.
Filipino meals ain't complete without more sweets.  Admit it, these desserts even pass as snacks more often than not.  They have Turon of Mango with Kesong Puti, Not-so-Dirty Ice cream and this damn good heavenly custard.   It's Gata Leche Flan.  Instead of full condensed milk, they have added coconut milk in to the mix, paving all the scrupulous process of making the perfect flan, one that's silky smooth in texture while holding up until you dig your spoon into it.  To lessen the "umay-factor" a sprinkle of lime zest was added.
Who could resist this beauty?

NamNam Comfort Filipino
Address: G/F Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St cor.,
               Greenbelt Drive, Ayala Center, Makati.

Contact Numbers:  (02) 625-0515



  1. oh something Filipino delicacies with iced tea and leche flan. i think everything is served efficiently and deliciously!:)

  2. Ensaladang Namnam??? Hmmm..the food sounds new to me. A must try dish indeed.

  3. i wanna try the caramelized patis wings!! looks really good! i love wings! :)


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