Wednesday, June 26, 2013

EAT AND CHEAT + Whipped Cupcakes and more in Battling the Harsh Realities of Life

   You may have known a little something about my family's background, like me being a mom of a juvenile diabetic.  You may find it strange for a food info hoarder to be sharing something that is melodramatic.  Well everyone of us have something latent which we often share only to closest friends or to relatives, not that we are ashamed of it, but mostly to try not to be disheartened by it.

   Here is to share that there was one time in my life that I almost lost a daughter, only by the thread of faith did she survive.

   This is also for those who have lost a son, a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a parent, some relatives perhaps, or even a good friend.  I'm talking about those people who in a given time have seen their loved one suffer from the dreaded disease, known as CANCER.

   Well, my daughter does not have cancer, but she was in a near-death situation and we didn't know about her worsened health condition until her whole body gave up on her.   Four years ago she got diagnosed by a pediatrician with Diabetic Keto-acidosis (DKA) and her DNA collapsed, that everything in her system needed to be regained of its normal function, except her pancreas.   I know at that time, we were never prepared to lose anyone in the family, and I'm sure that no one in the world would be ever prepared for it.

   But thank God she survived it, though she still have to have her usual dosage of insulin through injection.

   So to wrap up that uncool story, our family made sure to give back to others as our way of thanking God for her second life.  In that tune, as a mom, I make sure also that all the members of the family is aligned to the eating lifestyle we have implemented, which is more into health-giving, Superfood, less sugar and no carcinogenic stuff.

   As part of how I thank the Lord and serve with a purpose, I have joined a lot of causes which support and minister to the less fortunate.  One of which was EAT AND CHEAT book project.

   Eat and Cheat is composed of a group of professionals in varying fields like medical, culinary, marketing, social media, farming, business, publishing, etc. The group's advocacy is to give help in monetary means to children with cancer at East Avenue Medical Center, at the same time giving awareness that fighting the BIG C is possible.   The main goal of the group is to come up with a recipe book and categorizing its purpose.  First, the profit from selling the books will all be given to the sponsored patients through a partnership with Carewell Foundation.  Next, the group's medical team and culinary team had worked so hard to study and test each recipe that would be included in the recipe book.   This book will be packed-full of information about eating healthier and preparing them, with or without cancer.

   How can one be part of the advocacy?

   Sure we can give our extra sums of money to anyone who needs them, but what if we don't?  There are many sick people waiting to the sustained, and have mostly died while waiting.  Would that mean we just sulk and wait for others to help them?  Maybe in our own little way there can be something that is even more worthy than money (or not, hehehe).  Have you thought of using your passion, your skills and maybe your business to provide at least something to these ailing brothers and sisters of ours?

   Let me give you one example, and one that is truly uplifting.

 Whipped Cupcakes!  The poster says it all.  At an early stage of joining the said group, the couple behind Whipped Cupcakes have sweetened the pot, pun intended.  I'm sure they can just easily give any amount, but in this way, they have given more meaning to the word "donate."  They have indeed poured out their heart into this project by allotting 20% of whatever they make from selling their sweet creations.  They have not only donated some amount, but their time, effort and culinary savvy.
I've yet to try their cupcakes though, but I'm sure it's going to be included in the list of top cakes that I have had.

" Whipped makes the most amazing homemade and customized cakes and cupcakes in the south.  We passionately create each batch of cupcakes by hand every day, using only the finest ingredients sourced from local producers. Because we continue to bake throughout the day, we are proud to offer cupcakes that are freshly baked for you to enjoy," according to Chef Brooke, one of the couple behind Whipped! They also make wedding cakes, birthday cakes, sculpted cakes, 3D cakes, customized cupcakes.

   Prize ranges from P 50 to P 75 /pc (depends on the flavors and frosting), P 70 to 95/pc. for customized cupcakes.  For the EACC cupcakes, it's P 1000/dozen and P1150/dozen if you want it sugar-free.

   Here is my itsy-bitsy contribution to have more people recognize Eat and Cheat's plea,  Gastronomy by Joy will be giving out packs of prizes to 2 partner advocates.  

   We will give one winner each with an apron with the Eat and Cheat logo, some kitchen utensils, and a box of six pieces cupcakes from Whipped Cupcakes!

   To win and have all this loot and participate in the advocacy in your own little way, kindly follow the instructions below.

1.  Like Eat and Cheat Facebook page.
2.  Post this on your FB wall/timeline: 
      Join Eat and Cheat in their battle for cancer and grab home prizes! @Gastronomy-all about food @Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend3 @Friend4
(You may copy paste this)
3. Don't forget to tag your friends and Gastronomy-all about food.
4.  Ask your friends to like your post, but they need to like Eat and Cheat's FB page first.
5.  The most liked posts will be rewarded with the said prizes.

   Easy as a pie!  Hope you could could be one with us on this battle.
Remember, one way to fight this monster called the Big C, is being educated about it and thus knowing life-changing facts in how to prevent it.

   What other steps do you think we should take to increase Cancer awareness through online presence, and what we can do more?

   If you want to support EAT AND CHEAT in any ways, you may visit the Facebook page, comment or PM our admin.  See you there!

   Before I really end this post let me share another inspiring word from a cancer-survivor.
Cancer patients need encouragement, HOPE and more often than not, a BIG dose of "You CAN do this!" They do not need endless sympathy or to be coddled. My husband and my doc were the "coaches" in my life and they ACTED like coaches. I think through my 8-months toward healing I was allowed an actual pity party only two times. They supported me and encouraged me BUT they did not ALLOW me to change my program or take days off or do anything that would jeopardize the effectiveness of the program. I needed that accountability and I believe that most cancer patients need someone who will be honest and truthful even if it means seeming like you are ragging on them. This is not meanness or discouragement, it is called LOVE.We are all creatures of habit and change is one of the most difficult things in life to implement, especially if you feel like you are the only one that must change. There were times when I felt like crying when everyone els was having an iced-cold Dr. Pepper and I was having a glass of distilled water with organic apple cider vinegar. But as I begin to get well, it got to where it didn't bother me any more. As my habits changed so did my attitude, my emotions and my sense of well-being. We are fooling ourselves if we don't take the time needed to heal. I don't mean sitting on the couch all day and crying---although I had a couple of those days. I mean changing a lifestyle that brought your body into dis-ease into a lifestyle that brings health and healing. I believe that it is Dr. Lorraine Day that says it is necessary to take a year off to just focus on health-----not cancer----but health. It's all in how you look at things-----being positive or being negative and continually thinking about all the things that you "can't" do. By the way, it will do everyone well to remove the words "can't" and "but" from their vocabulary. These are negative words and are cop-out words.Loretta Lanphier, MD, who healed herself of
 (Lifted from

To order from Whipped Cupcakes.
Check their Facebook page HERE.  Please like them!
You may also give them a call at this number: 0917-8524777
Also, you can buy the EAT AND CHEAT APRON and other merchandises  from us or at
Carewell Foundation for P500.

Carewell Foundation
Address:  6/F, S&L Building, Dela Rosa cor Esteban Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati
Contact Numbers: 632  8151294 or  632 7510242


  1. I will explore their Facebook Page to find out how to buy and what the flavors of the cupcakes are. The cause is for the good. I'd like to join the contest but the last requirements says the more likes, the more chances of winning. I don't think I'll be up to it.

    1. Hi there Rochkirstin, I'ts ok if you don't want to join, but please kindly share about EAT and CHEAT to your friends, the book will be launched on November.

  2. The cake looks really delicious. I'll just take note of the page and like it so I can order here when I have a gathering or something.

  3. wow i really love the whipped cupcakes. My brother died of cancer. Since then, I started joining cause like this.

  4. Seems to be yummy cupcakes. At first, I thought they can cure cancer. But then, let me just share this to help the cause.

  5. Looks delicious! Will help spread the word about EAT and CHEAT to friends and family.

  6. My youngest sister is also a diabetic an has been injecting insulin for about 3 years now. I'd like to have a copy of the Eat and Cheat book someday so I'm joining your advocacy so that the book will come into reality and I would be able to purchase one! =)

  7. Cupcakes for a good cause. This is amazing! And Dr. Loretta Lanphier's message is really inspiring. I should let my sister know about this and maybe she could order cupcakes for my niece's christianing. :)

  8. Cup cake for a cause is worth sharing. We'll feed our hungry tummy and help others in need at the same time.

  9. This awesome project will surely help a lot of cancer patients out there! =)

  10. The intention was "okay" until I saw that this post is basically still profitable for Whipped Cupcakes. There's a carrot for the audience; get this in exchange for something. A truly sincere company wouldn't need to do this AND also donate JUST 20%. I may be alone in feeling this but this just doesn't feel very positive.

    And I hate to be a party pooper... Using "Likes" as a mechanism for contests is in direct violation of Facebook User Guidelines.

    1. Come on you're into marketing as well, so you know some fine lines on this. I just hope you could have at least read the whole write up. There's more than a trillion of things to do to help out our dear brothers and sisters who are less fortunate than us. It only takes one simple act. And that act is not defined by anything else, only compassion and the will to do so. We are not selling cupcakes here, Mr Cruz, we are trying to move people go out their way to help and be aware. For the sick people one centavo may no be enough, but if thousands of people in one movement gives one centavo each, don't you think that would make sense in answering some of their needs?


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