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Highlighting Jose Rizal's Passion for Food With Kulinarya Kalayaan 2012

      Whether your patriotic or not. food is an evidence of our love for our own culture.  On June 12, the Philippines will be celebrating  114th Independence Day Anniversary and Philippine cuisine have made its mark on the history.   There is indeed a link between food, its evolution and the people behind it and how the country had attained independence.    
      There were actually studies about how foods have played majorly during the times of our declared heroes who have fought for the country's freedom from Spanish to American regime.   Even books were published to highlight that, where Jose Rizal's letters, poems and books showed texts  involving  Filipino dishes.   Yes, like us, Dr. Jose Rizal, our National hero, has a passion for food and his love for Philippine cuisine have manifested in his literary works and books written about him.
      This year  the Department of Tourism and the 114th Independence Day celebration Inter-agency Committee have partnered with the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP) for the “Kulinarya Kalayaan Festival”, a food festival which will run from June 10 to June 20, 2012 at the following hotels and restaurants:
1.       Bayview Park Hotel
2.       Century Park Hotel
3.       The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts
4.       Makati Shangri La
5.       Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila
6.       Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao
7.       Golden Orchid Hotel (Zamboanga City)
8.       AIM Conference Center Manila
9.       Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino
10.   The Heritage Hotel Manila
1.       Illustrado Restaurant
2.       Harbor View Restuarant
3.       Cravings Groups of Companies: Casa Roces
4.       Serye Cafe Restaurant
5.       LJC Restaurant Group
6.       Bacolod Chicken Inasal
7.       Tamayo’s Catering and Restaurant
            In lieu of this, DOT have invited  some media men to take part on  Rizal's epicurean trail.   Seven of the participating hotels and restaurants have pulled together a gastronomic journey all over the metro to give a taste of what's in store for the diners.   Making the commemoration more inviting and educational, even to kids who are not that involved  in historical activities.   I have found myself eating my way through Rizal's passion for Filipino culinary.

            Here is my epicurean tour of the seven food establishments that joined in the Kulinarya Kalayaan for 2012.   It was a two day event of  fun, conversation, and gaining insights about stories behind Rizal's fave Filipino viands, from chefs, owners, Marketing Heads and Executives of hotels.

Century Park Hotel
With Eric Beza, PR Assistant of Century Park and Chef Rudy Dela Passion
C2 Classic Cuisine 
Chef Bessie Que and Marketing Manager of C2 Classic Cuisine

C2 is restaurant of fine classic Filipino dishes with a modern twist.    The Cravings Group of participating branches are C2 Greenhills/Shangrilla/Megamall and Robinsons Midtown.

Ms. Bea Pimentel, General Manager of Illustrado, was so kind enough to tell us the story behind the creation of the new menu in time for independence day celebration.   The Inaugural Feast, pays tribute to Malolos heritage cuisine, as part of our Filipino Cuisine and fiesta fare awaited us as we listened intently to the stories of Dez Bautista (owners of famed Malolos heritage mansion) handed down to her.
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Bayview Park Hotel Manila
Marketing Assistant, Precy Mendoza and Head Chef
Chef doing a a demo of Chicken Pork Adobo, Chicken Ala King and Grilled Pusit right in the very kitchen of  Bayview Park Hotel.
The lobby leading to the festive look of the cafe preparing to a Filipino buffet cuisine for P 450 net/per person.   
The hotel's fare will  be extended till July 31, 2012.
The Filipino buffet with a choice of  soups, salads, viands, with pandan rice  and sweet delicacies.
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Hyatt Hotel's Market Cafe
 Chef JP Gomez,  Souz Chef, one of the three brains who conceptualized the menu rendition, which sets to honor Jose Rizal with their culinary flare.

  Bacolod Chicken Inasal
Sisters,   Ms. Bing and Rose Meim gave us what Rizal's preference when it comes to Sinigang, a dish he craved even when he was abroad and some suman which according to historical texts, Josephine Bracken (hid in the stories as Ms. B) would painstakingly prepare for him.   They even us a thing or two about the humble beginnings of Bacolod Chicken Inasal.  

Cafe Adriatico

Ms. Lorna C Ambas, CEO and President of LJC Group of Restaurants with Mrs.  Eugenia B. Billones Chief Operating Officer

I will be giving individual write-ups on each of these establishments I have  visited and high notes on the dishes that made me  feel like I  was in heaven, indulging with all the favorite fares of our national hero.   The experience gave me a moment of clarity, in full swing, on how Rizal not only made an impact on freedom but also having shared the common passion for Filipino cuisine.


  1. A menu that shows the gourmand in our illustrious hero, good thing had a chance to partake some of the dishes in another resto - Adarna Resto in Kalayaan Ave, QC

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  5. excellent event! congrats to the organizers!

  6. Syempre naiinggit naman ako diba? Oh well ... I might still get to try this on the 20th for free for a shoot I'm doing.

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