Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Worst Airline Ever!

I am supposed to be at a hotel in Tagbilaran, Bohol,  by now, preparing and helping out with my aunt's wedding to be held tomorrow.   This is just going to be short.   I just need to air out some dismays and disappointment to Cebu Pacific.  
As planned, we should be at Tagbilaran airport by  4 pm., since our flight from Manila is at 2:30 pm.   My aunts were all waiting for us at Bohol Tropics Hotel since my father, the eldest amongst the siblings will be with us at the same flight.   My parents came from Milan yesterday, and you might have guessed that they still haven't rested, with the body-clock issues and all.   All eight of us, both my parents, my four kids and my husband, were all excited to board the plane and of course getting to Bohol and meeting our relatives.   My father being the eldest, will be the one to bring my aunt to the altar, for my grandfather had already passed away.   So the pressure was really set on us getting there promptly.    To add to the stress, my two youngest daughters are parts of the entourage,  they are flower girls.    They haven't fitted the gowns they will be wearing yet, we are not sure even of what they would be wearing would look like.   Now, I know it is not the airline's problem or concern, nor does my parents' and daughter's diabetic condition.
However, we as customers have rights to what we have purchased.   Why would  anyone prefers to ride the plane instead of  getting somewhere by any means?   Time,  ease and  prestige are just some of the reasons.
Time:   We all know that by far an airplane can bring you anywhere faster than other vehicles.  
For many it is what they are paying for, less time to consume traveling and time may equate to money.   If you need to attend an important conference or part of the business needs you to be on a trip, or in our case attend a very important ceremony which is wedding.
Ease:   The faster to go to a place means more practical ways to make use of time therefore less burden.   They are known to be clean and comfortable and safe, when travelling.
Prestige:  Not all uses plane, only those who can afford to buy tickets or those who might have gotten discounts on there boarding.  
This is getting way too long.   Here is the thing.   Our flight just got cancelled.   Worse is that after waiting for half an our to board, we were unloaded from the plane and were told that we will not be able fly to Tagbilaran for geographical reasons.    Or just maybe something to say as a reason why.
So we went back inside the  airport to get everything fixed by 4 pm, the time which we should have been to our destination.    Tired, cold and hungry, we got our luggage back and waited for our flight rebooked, which took another two hours.  
That settled and cheered us up for the moment, promising us that hotel accommodations will be provided in behalf of the mishap and to cover any unreasonables.    Happy knowing that for a night we will be spending at Pan Pacific with free dinner and having our flight moved to 7 am the following day.   Waited a few more hours for our shuttle ride to Pan Pacific, till the time we are to move, then Cebu Pacific's staff informed us that we will be sent to Nichol's Hotel.   We said, " What? "  "Where the ----- is that place?"   What happened to Pan Pacific's?   It was already 7 pm, my parents are miserably confused and needed to be somewhere clean and comfortable to check their sugar and inject insulin, the same thing we needed to do with our 7 year old daughter.
Let me tell you more bad things that happened concerning flights of Cebu Pacific.   While waiting for the shuttle inside the airport, a passenger just checking in was furious and bolting out loudly about his flight being cancelled.   Actually three or more Cebu Pacific flights have been cancelled and all the day's flight delayed.    A co-passenger then told us several issues they had regarding flights of the said company.   This made us think?   Should we buy from them still in the future?
We had several domestic flights this year and from previous years but this is the first time we had so much trouble like this.   Are promos from them bogus?   Are they just playing with us just to reason out for their short-comings?   How can they payback the lost times and cancelled meetings,  money lost taking that flight and others?   How can they explain to more than 400 passengers what really happened?
Too bad, more and more testimonies that our country is included in worsts airport in the world.    Foreigners were on that flights and they are to sadly attest how horrible flights are in the Philippines.
If they could have told us early on, that this flight will not be pushing through we may have made things to make up for it.   But we weren't.
So if you're planning a tour or a vacation. do consider checking out not just one airline.   Just letting out steams on my part.
Just consider this!   Credibility and trustworthy!


  1. oh! sad to hear your bad experience in Cebu Pacific Airlines. i just do hope & pray that they will improve their service beacause many would be affected with delays or cancelled flights.

  2. You're right. it's really frustrating. Unlike here in Italy they have efficient trains and highways. The problem in the Philippines is that, despite all those pompous heralding of politicians efforts to build roads and highways, we never get to nowhere in a very short time. The best option is to get an airplane.

    I mean this is their chance to get more profits and yet they wouldn't even care to improve their services.

    but then on the other hand, there might be some sort of weather problems and other stuff that could endanger the lives of its passenger.

    Sigh, poor you, but I do hope things will get better for you as a client and for them as a thriving airline company.


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