Friday, November 18, 2011

Cab Cafe

Indeed, this was a jem I discovered, right at the foodie strip in Kapitolyo, Pasig.   Pictures have been sitting for centuries in my draft list, I'm sure every blogger has one or two or more awaiting to be lifted into the blogging world.   Forgive me I couldn't even remember when I visited the place.   All I can recall is that the cozy place sure served up to be undeniably upstanding.   May not compete with the nearby resto-grill Charlie's Grind and Grill, one of the restaurants much raved about since food blogging heightened but the comfort I gained sure gave me a reason to write about and share the experience.
And oh how can a chocolate cake-lover like me forget about this dreamy dessert.   With so much love adorning this small velvety heaven of a cake I couldn't help but be a "pasalubong-sucker",  yep, you could consider me  a very loving mom, always on  a look-out for knock-'em-out goodies for kids and hubby.  Though I was so tempted with this, I opted not ruining the sleek design of it, instead I enjoyed fork-bites with my kids.   They loved how the dark-chocolate played with the brownie-like layer, with the mousse cake and the moist chocolate cake, amplified by the dark-chocolate, covering, that's all so awesome you would cry.

The swish look gives you a serene feel while enjoying your meal, snack or just coffee.
Initially I was just going to order coffee.  It was a cloudy afternoon, I decided to go back home after finding out that my appointment with a certain hairstylist in Kapitolyo got cancelled, I was thwarted, and felt that my time should not be wasted.  So with head high, I told myself to pick a place to have coffee and maybe find something to take home, to remedy my frustration.   Before my coffee, this came, feta cheese and ham panini with their own greaseless potato chips.  It was served hot and substantive.  They bake their own bread, that and ensured fresh and good quality food.
Cafe  Bianca
So off I went here, Cab Cafe, undecided at first what coffee to have,  for they have more than 10 selections, from brewed to specially concocted gourmet coffee to teas and juices.   After much mind-bogging indecisiveness, I came to  a decision of having coffee with chocolate, white chocolate that is.  Cafe Bianca, if I'm not mistaken is cappuccino based coffee with white chocolate ganache as a topping.  It's  a 9 out of 10 score!!! It could have been perfect except it was a bit sweet but that's how I expected it to be rather.   The best remedy indeed for a disappointingly, bad-weathered afternoon.
Japanese Cotton Cheesecake
Now, this is what made my gray noon bright.  Outside was drizzling softly, but it didn't matter, it seemed to be  a perfect weather, as I sat and enjoyed my slice of Japanese Cotton Cheesecake.   Bit by bit I savored  on  a right touch of sweetness, while the cream cheese hid underneath the smooth and soft mix.   The texture is not like any cheesecake at all, it is something like  a moist cake or a thickened mousse threading like an old cotton  ball.  The best cheesecake I've had, now  that's something to beat. You have to try it!!!
The service my not be that fast or good, but the comprehensive list of food they offer top it.   I even had this recommended to the owner of Pages Deli and Vignette who happened to live nearby the cafe.


  1. The white chocolate ganache in that coffee looks so lovely, and that Japanese cotton cheesecake, absolutely heavenly! :)

  2. I'd like to have that cafe blanca!!!!!!


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