Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Cocktail Dinner with Blush at Pan Pacific Hotel

Blush is an all-Asian girl group on mission to bring pop music into the world with a fun and edgy spin.
Considered as the "Pan Asian super group," these amazing ladies have their own stories to tell on how they have reached their spot.

The five girls making up the group came from different corners of Asia.    From South Korea, Ji Hae Lee, is  25 years old who never had a formal dance and vocal training but managed to make it to the top 30 of Superstar K (a Korean show like of American Idol).   Victoria Chan, being the eldest in the group represents China.  She was born however at Liverpool, England but grew up in Hong Kong.  The rapper and hip hopper of the group, Natsuko Danjo, is from Japan.   The one who carries the group into dancing should I say!  Never really thought a Japanese could groove so good.   Then India's Alisha Budhrani.   At an age of  19, she claims that she had done so many things that are quite international being born and raised in Hong Kong and having  went to British school could pay witness to that.   Lastly our very own Pinay,  Angeli Flores.   Coming from the Philippines, she had been very proud of our country, and was so excited to have the group, which are now her friends  visit Manila and perform for us Filipinos.  

According to Angeli,  last year,  FarWest Entertainment hosted an Asian-wide talent search.   From 3,500 hopefuls, they narrowed the numbers down to 125 talents from each of the five countries; then to 60 each, and finally five per country. The remaining girls went through a reality show-type audition-and-elimination process in Hong Kong (minus the histrionics, mind you) to get the final five.

Official Website: 
and Follow the girls on twitter! @blushgroup @blushalisha @blushangeli @blushjihae @blushnacho @blushvictoria

It was awesome finally seeing them perform with a few guests from Pan Pacific at the Lounge.    Once again Pan Pacific hosted an evening of fine new music, where food and beverage were once again splendored and the feel of luxury hotel comfort is but normal.

Dining at Pan Pacific Lounge

Encompassing the top floor of the hotel, the Pacific Lounge is the ultimate luxury lounge with a spectacular view of the city spread below or the stunning sunsets over Manila Bay, afforded by floor-to-ceiling glass walls that lovingly wrap the lounge. International and national à la carte selection is served during lunch, for snacks and dinner.
Facilities, spread over 12,000 square feet, include meeting areas (complimentary use to registered guests), a separate lounge, dining area and bar and a rooftop garden with gazebo. The mood is business and professional by day, relaxed and sultry at night, it is the perfect venue to end a day.
Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access at the Pacific Lounge is now available.
Encompasses the whole 21st floor
Cuisine Type:
Signature Dishes:
G and G Salad Mango Tart
Dress Code:
Smart, Casual


  1. Oh so this is what my mom's been telling me. She works here at the hotel and she told me the band was awesome :)

  2. .wow! another Pinay we could be proud of! Wishing Blush all the luck! I'll be checking out their page and their music too!

  3. woot, woot! Pretty Asian girls! Hope they are really world class when comes to singing...


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