Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Chili Throwdown at Chihuahua

The Chili Chef Line-up is in! Get ready to taste the home-cooked goodness of Carmel Rivadelo-VillongcoHarold Tyrone DeCluetteBill PascuzziKaren Elizalde and Elian Habayeb's own brother fresh in from Texas- Michael Habayeb!!! BRING IT ON!!! :)
Chihuahua had been a host to a chili-cooking showdown last month and Carmel, the winner has to overthrow other contenders, will she or will she not defend her title?  Let's witness and flock on over at Chihuahua's!

P500 gets you access to unlimited Chili, chips, and a cold one to put the fire out.

It also earns you the right to vote!

Thursday November 10th, 8pm

Limited seating!

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And hey, remember these guy?  These mischievous bottles of titanic hot and spiciness have a new member.

Can't wait to try this out!

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