Saturday, September 15, 2018

Kasa Luntian, A Tagaytay Respite

These days, the pleasure of family time is one of the most treasured aspects of my life. Unfortunately, for many, even those with close family bonds,  such intimate moments are becoming fewer and farther in between.  With two adult kids, two teens, I can't seem to plan out perfectly a vacation to bond with all of them without ruining each one's vibe.  I'm sure, if your a mom who have teens or adult kids might be able to relate.

Last summer vacation, I realized that I had a lot of blogging projects and I wasn't able to plan my kids' vacation well for them.  So, to compliment that I depended on Deal Grocer's budget friendly vacation promos, and to be more honest, I was actually lured by the website and it's been a while since we had to stay in Tagaytay.


Summer ended, more than that our last getaway to Lobo, Batangas was a major fail, it was so far and the service and the villa where we had to stay was unsatisfactory.  Want to know where that is?

Hang on a bit and come read my future posts as it will come out really soon.

So, as I've said, summer lasted too soon and I counted more excuses for this Tagaytay staycation to be pushed aside, until, I was alerted that the validity of my voucher will soon end and I could not use it during weekend, well, I could but I needed to add P1000,  surcharge for weekend use.

To book or check out the room rates, you can click their website link here.

I was supposed to upgrade the unit I booked for only P 1000, to accommodate us all, but...

What was supposed to be a family weekend ended up into a parental only weekend, however, who am I to complain? 

Managed by Hospitality Innovators, Inc. (HII), Kasa Luntian promises excellent service and a hassle-free stay. A tranquil Tagaytay escape you might be wanting to have, away for the hustle and bustle of the city, but not that far from it.

Upon entering, you will notice the wall behind the bed/s.  I can't seem to get over the herringbone design with green and yellow highlights, signifying nature and greeneries hence the namesake, Kasa Luntian, Kasa for house and, Luntian for greeneries.

We had a unit with a balcony that's as pretty as the above picture, lest the good scenery.

The serviced residences has units equipped with a bed or two beds, a dining spot, a ergo kitchen (complete with utensils for two) a study table with an LED Tv and a nice toilet and bath with hot water.

The hotel was pretty cozy and nice, service was also commendable, has WIFI and it's pretty secured as it is walled and gated.

You can order food to be delivered at your unit at Taza Mia Cafe near the concierge lobby.  In our case, we just had our four-cheese pizza from Taco Shack, some eggs, cup noodles and coffee which I prepared in the kitchen

Though I missed having my kids with us, I still loved this weekend with my husband, it's like falling in love all over again with each other, just enjoying Tagaytay and it's romantic ambiance and the food!

We had dinner at Taco Shack and lunch the next day at Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant.


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