Thursday, September 20, 2018

Goto Believe, Stepping Up the Lugaw Game

I first knew about Goto Believe when I watched Pop Talk a couple of months ago.  After seeing how they managed to put more fun in their typical Goto, I asked my foodie partner slash IG husband to look for it and try them.  Goto, as comparable to Lugaw and Arroz Caldo, is a rice porridge (also known as congee) cooked with ox tripe.  It has that distinguishing meaty taste with a hint of beefy and garlicky flavor and may tend to be heavy on cholesterol, so, there, I warned you.

What really struck me in the aforementioned show was how they combined Goto and famous streetfood in one bowl.  I mean all the Filipino streetfood, " the good stuff" paied with Goto, well, I'm pretty easy to please and that what pleased me to bits.

So, when we got an opportunity to go to Mandaluyong, I made sure to mark my day note for it and looked f it up in Google Map.

It wasn't that hard to find, but then parking had been our problem.  The community where it is located is a residential area and it used to be a garage.

I ordered Sago't Gulaman to live up to the streetfood vibe this place exudes with, not int he photos is my husbands lemonade.

It took them a little late than 20 minutes to deliver our goto.

In the menu, you are encouraged to build our own (BYO) bowl, starting with the kind of rice porridge, whether it be WET or DRY, yes Dry, meant for Goto Fried Rice, or with the toppings you fancy such as the kind of eggs you want, the "tusok-tusok", the meat you want, and many more.

To get the most of the experience we (that's me and my husband) ordered OMG, short for Oh My Goto!

It was really an Oh-em-gee bowl, as a huge bowl of goto was adorned with 10 gorgeous toppings, with only P 319 to spend. As gorgeous as it looked, my tummy was as happy, it was good for three but surprisingly, we swiped the bowl clean.  The goto alone was tasty already, but not too salty as one would expect, and I'm pretty particular of the saltiness of such dishes. The same goes with the innard skewers.  Having this comfort food without the "usok," is another factor why I love it here.

We were about to cancel dessert as we were near food coma, for a meryenda, but we still submitted to their Leche Flan Brulee, as it was quite a small serving.

It's affordable, place is clean enough and there would be times when they would have bands to entertain the diners.

Goto Believe

640 San Rafael Street, Plainview, Mandaluyong City

Goto Believe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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