Sunday, January 21, 2018

When #ItsGoodToBeHot with Kenny Rogers Chipotle Fire Chicken

Many foodies would agree when I say that food is so reinforcing.  Our memories of it would not escape the way we see a certain food even as simple as roasted chicken.  Every time, I see a chicken being roasted, it brings me back to the years when my father would grill chicken in the oddest way-"pinaupong manok" or how he would prepare the chickens he himself took care, for Christmas.

Like how I remember Kenny Rogers and how it was part of our simple sibling dining pleasures, to the saddest farewell meal we had.  Well, Kenny Rogers Roasters, a favorite by many families like us really brings the nostalgia to their infamous spit-fire roast chicken.

Now, that I have my kids to fill in the lonely gaps of dining without my favorite company, my siblings, Kenny Rogers is still there.  But hard to admit, kids today are into fabs and with the Korean fandom in the rise, spicy food had become a mainstay in the house and they could not live without kimchi and crispy chili garlic, the same thing when we dine out.

Hence, finding what might tickle their fancy for something spicy can be toiling.


A surprise from our family's favorite roast chicken dining joint had come up with the hottest solution.

Kenny’s Chipotle Fire Chicken!
Kenny Rogers gives us something new and hot this January. Surprise, surprise.

This year surely started off hot and savory with them adding the all-new Chipotle Fire Chicken to their already scrumptious selection.  Rejoice!

By adding a special chipotle flavor, Kenny’s Chipotle Fire Chicken offers a different take on their classic premium roast. This game-changing roast is unlike the usual spicy chicken you’ve tasted. More than spicy it is hot, and hot is always good.

 Better get those taste buds ready!

The Chipotle Fire Chicken will be available in all Kenny Rogers Roasters branches
 starting January 22, Monday.

It’s available in solo plate deals for just Php245.00. For this price, you can get 1 quarter chicken, 2 side dishes, 1 corn muffin and 1 java rice.

You can also enjoy this delicious chicken with friends and family if you avail of the group meal for P810 pesos, that comes with 1 whole chicken, 4 side dishes, 4 Java rice, 4 corn muffins, 1 pitcher of Iced Tea or Soda. Great deals, right?

Here’s a tip: To balance the heat of the Chipotle Fire Chicken, try Kenny’s dessert selection as well! You can pair it with their frozen yogurt, smoothies, sundaes, and more!

The Chipotle Fire Chicken is just the start of Kenny’s hot plans for 2018 so stay tuned for more surprises that’ll make a fiery 2018! Check out or for more updates.

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