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10 Best Places to Travel in Tuscany

Italy in itself is a place that people dream of visiting not only for its landscapes and monuments but most especially for its food.

Today, Tuscany is another place in Italy that has certain attributes that make it so famous around the whole world. It is known as the most attractive place in Italy that people must visit at least once. Tuscany is known for its well-cultivated wine and the rich culture it holds inside its wide area. It is the birthplace of some famous artists, scholars, and visionaries that have polished the world.  Hence, you must simply rent a villa in Tuscany and soak in the Tuscan vibes.

Here we will list down 10 places that you cannot miss when you are in Tuscany:

1. Florence

This place comes from the time of Renaissance when the world was getting renovated into certain different customs. Florence has been a major part of contributing their cultural and artistic views in the making of society. Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo, the famous artists, known for their marvelous works, were all born in this place itself. The Ponte Vecchio goes around the whole Arno River which is a treat to visit. This city is filled with history if you just look at it carefully.

2. Chianti Wine Region

Italy and Tuscany in itself are popular for the amount of Wine it produces every year, and this region is famous for that product. The region consists of an uncountable number of villages which look like smaller collections are truly beautiful to visit. You are free to visit a winery and taste the choice of wine and enjoy the taste to the fullest. You can easily book a car for the day and take a trip around the villages.

3. Montepulciano

This is a treasure to the City which is closely located near Siena and holds some importance towards the culture and architecture. It is situated at the height of about 600m only over a limestone ridge. The scenery from that area or the top is something you cannot afford to miss. The major architectural places are Palazzo Cervini, the Porta al Prato, the Torre di Pulcinella, and the Chiesa di San Biagio.

4. San Gimignano

Medieval Age was something everyone wants to experience, but it is actually possible if you visit this place. The city walls that surround it and the towers from the medieval times are what it is made off. The towers look mesmerizing in and around the horizon during the sunset and sunrise. There are certain museums from this place too that are to die for, i.e., Museo Estrusco and Museo Archeologico.

5. Pisa

This comes from the Eastern Walls of Tuscany and can compete with Florence for making the Renaissance period important. It is mainly known for the Leaning Tower which is also a segment of the Duomo di Pisa, which is the monumental cemetery and the baptistery. The bell tower is so wonderful that it adds to the complete beauty of the monument. The whole combination gets even better with the other museums present in that area to look at.

6. Pistoia

This is located nearby the other famous places, so it is not that hard to find and also because of the beauty it has to offer. The place is known to create the Firearm Pistols which were very famous during the medieval age. The city is completely surrounded by towers that make the whole view very mesmerizing yet adventurous enough. The major attractions to visit in this place are Cathedral of St. Zeno, the Museo Capitolare, Pistoia Zoo and the complex of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas.

7. Val d’Orcia

This is again a part of the Eastern Tuscany with an immense amount of scenery and landscape to be awed with. The area consists of the railway from the historical times, vineyards till places you can look out for and certain towns that make it worth visiting once. The place is secured highly for certain reasons, and the towns are Pienza, Montalcino, and Radicofani. These places would give you the real feel from the Renaissance period.

8. Grosseto

This place might not be on all the lists of places, but it is definitely one to spend your time in. The city is still bounded by the old walls which marks the old historic areas of the region. It holds an important aspect because of the different monuments and structures on the southern side of the city. Pizza Dante would be another famous place to visit under this region.

9. The Island of Elba

This Island is famous around the world for being the exile for Napoleon Bonaparte after his abdication in the year 1814. It is situated between Mainland Italy and Corsica and consists of about 30,000 people. The island consists of a beach that sets your eyes to a dream with the golden sand all around it and also it is a very peaceful place to be at. Another important part of the place is that it has some important historical mines and Napoleon's residence, the Villa San Martino has its significance.

10. Lucca 

Yet another city which might not be on your lists but holds a very prominent place in terms of the Renaissance period. This is situated close to Pisa and consists of buildings that would make your jaw drop once you have a look at them. The city wall circles the whole city which is magnificent and maintained in a way that it surprises us.

These are the top 10 beautiful places from Tuscany which you should not miss while you are in that city. They are a treat to your eyes and historical minds, so plan your trip wisely!

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