Monday, January 8, 2018

Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken with Kenzo and Kloe

Oftentimes when you're caught in between meal preparations and trying to get all the work done, you're left with ready-to-cook preserved meats.

I'm long done with that, but, I'll be damned if I say I don't consume Vigan longanisa, bacon, and deli.  Even my favorite Italian hams were profused with salt, seasonings, and preservatives manufacturers dare not say.

Even so, I try my best to give my family healthy and safe food for their optimum health but not veering away from flavorful meals.

Like many moms, I also look for products that provide nutrient-dense food.  It doesn't have to be pure organic, but the ingredients must be at least 90% natural.  Although I would love to go pure organic, it may mean breaking the bank and it's still hard to buy them.  I never use MSG or processed salt and I'm close to not using even Sinigang seasonings.

That is why I am so thankful when I found out about the natural seasonings from Kenzo and Kloe's Nature Farm.

Kenzo and Kloe’s Nature Farm has in mind health and wellness consumers which they believe to be deserving of safe, high quality and healthy food.  The person behind it is an advocate of natural and chemical free farming.

So, I thought of using some of their products in one of my favorite recipes - Honey Garlic Wings.

Last Christmas, I used their Steak Rub in our Rib Eye Steak, then had our morning honey drink using 1 tbsp. of their Honey with Cayenne.  Would you believe me, when I say, I was sold already! Now, I think my kitchen wouldn't be the same without these products.  It's like life getting easier but I'm promised to yummy dishes every time and without sacrificing our health plus lessening carbon footprint.

Their Steak Rub is composed of naturally grown coarse chilies with fried garlic and herbs from their own farm in Quezon.

Here's what I love about this product, with cayenne, as it's major component, whatever you use it with your food becomes Metabolic-Booster and Detoxifier and is also an Antioxidant.  Moreover, their products are said to prevent & control heart attack and are anti-cancer.

The Bonggan Mix on the other hand, is a seasoning claimed to be the best-kept secret of the Bicolanos.  They use this as their secret ingredient to add zest and flavor even to the simplest fried rice or any sautéed food. Kenzo and Kloe's Nature Farm's original mixture of chili powder and powdered dried fish are the only ingredients in this jar.  Humble kitchen components but sure adds that punch to every dish you cook.

Without no more adieu, here is the recipe.

Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken Wings


I K chicken wings
Kenzo and Kloe's Steak Rub
salt to taste
juice of 1 lemon
1/2 cup flour
Kenzo and Kloe's Bonggan Mix
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons Kenzo and Kloe's Premium Chili Garlic
1/4 cup Kenzo and Kloe's Honey with Cayenne
1/2 tablespoon sesame oil
dash of Kenzo and Kloe's Chili flakes


1. Drizzle and rub Steak rub on chicken and the juice of 1 lemon, add salt.  Make sure to rub it in and set aside for at least an hour.

2. Mix flour and Bonggan Mix together and drench the wings in it.

3. Deep fry in vegetable oil.  Once cooked set aside.

4. In a different pan, heat the butter and chili garlic.  Dunk in the honey and mix thoroughly. Add the sesame oil and mix again.

5. Once the mixture is bubbly, put the fire in slow level so as not to burn the sauce.  Put the chicken wings and mix it in the sauce, making sure every side and nooks of the wings are glazed with the honey sauce.

6. For added spiciness, drizzle with chili flakes.

That's it!  Easy as pie!

WATCH our full video HERE.

Enjoy and do let me know if you tried the recipe, you might get to sample some of the products I have at home too!

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