Saturday, May 27, 2017

Auro's Bean to Bar, Not Just a Chocolate Concept

Started from a search of one’s spiritually and founded not just her passion but also the gold in chocolates.

Back in 2010, during a difficult time Ms. Jackie Go was in pursuit of her higher being and at the same time was prospecting for the best cacao in the country. All along Ms. Nieva Cornejo was with her. She helped  looked for farmers and founded the criollo porcelana, the rarest variety of cacao in Davao. Yet farmers didn't know its true value and the market was not in good shape they were cutting down trees. So they worked hand-in-hand with these farmers to restore cacao production. Bringing bean-to-bar concept to a whole new level.

Despite their success in finding the gold of chocolate, they stopped after two years since chocolate making seemed to be just out of passion and not as a business. Though by fate they started the production again in 2014. Having the family involved, Ms. Kelly Go, the daughter of Ms. Jackie, together with Mark Ocampo as the Managing Directors of Auro today. Elevating tablea to a world class Filipino made product.

Wondering what's with the name Auro? They started, as Filipinas Oro de Cacao, Inc. but as a trade name, it is not catchy. They did some research and being criollo as the gold of cacao they used the chemical symbol of gold which is Au. Furthermore, "Auro" in Latin means gold.

To date, Auro has five products divided in two varieties, the Dark and White. White has two kinds, 32% White Chocolate and 42% Milk Chocolate. The Dark has three kinds, 55% Light Dark, 64% Medium Dark and their coveted 77% Very Dark.

Auro also believes that chocolate is not just for dessert but as an ingredient in creating amazing dishes as well. So they showcased a very chocolatey Menu during the launch last Thursday, May 11th.

Jamon Serrano, 72% Dark Chocolate, Baguette

Pumpkin Soup, White chocolate foam, chocolate liqueur dust.

Pumpkin Soup, White chocolate foam, chocolate liqueur dust

Pumpkin Soup, White chocolate foam, chocolate liqueur dust .

Pumpkin Soup, White chocolate foam, chocolate liqueur dust.

Taro chips, spiced white chocolate dip with goats cheese

And of course to end the night with lovely desserts made by amazing chefs.

hef Miko Aspiras, had a live demo of his mouth watering desserts make with Auro chocolates.

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