Friday, May 12, 2017

Two Must-Visit Landmarks in Milan Aside from the Duomo

Aside from the majestic cathedral, Duomo di Milano, there are so many historic landmarks you can also add on your list when you want to travel to Milan.  I had a glimpse of Italian history at Castelo Sforzesco and Arco della Pace.

Castello Sforzesco

Composed of fortresses, courtyards, defenses and now museums, Sforzesco Castle is one of the well-adored landmarks visited by tourists.  One can actually spend half a day, or even a day just roaming around and learning about its days of old.

Like any other landmarks and castles in Italy it is named so from a reknowned Milan ruler, Francesco Sforza.  Together with his wife, Bianca Maria Visconti, they initiated the advancement in the building of the castle and their successors have fortified the defenses.

What used to be an emblem of tyranny and foreign domination is now a cultural symbol that became well-loved by the Milanese.

Around the palace, are huge gardens and inside are expnsiive courtyards with green lawns where you can find locals lounging under the sun.

You can just sit on a bench and adore the details on every walls, nook and cranies up to the towers of the buildings.

If you don't want to be bathe in pure sunlight, you can spend your time inside the different rooms that houses different galleries and musuems.

There\s a room full of tapestries saved from the Sforzas and Viscontis.

There are also monuments and srcophagus dedicated to notable Milaneses.

Scene when peeking through one of the canyon holes of the walls or defenses.

The Castelo Sforzesco is only 15 minutes walk from Duomo taking Via Cordusio.

Adress:  Piazza Castello, 3 - 20100 Milano


The Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace) is one of the symbols of Milan and one of the most important neoclassical monuments in the city.

Located in the district with the same name, the arch is surrounded by elegant palaces and by Parco Sempione, the “green lung” of Milan, a place that we recommend to include in an ideal daily itinerary.

One of the oldest gates in Milan, the arch served as a peace offering by Francis I of Austria.  On the top of the Arch stands a statuary group in bronze depicting the “Chariot of Peace” flanked by the four “Victorias on Horseback”, while the facade shows the embodiments of the rivers Po, Ticino, Adda and Tagliamento

Also known as the green city of Milan, Parco Sempione, expanses in an area of 386 000 m ².  It's name comes from corso Sempione, the monumental axis road created in the Napoleonic era along the historic route of the Seprio, with the new porta Sempione heir of the ancient porta Giovia.

The park connects you to the Castelo, so this place, with both the lanmarks can be covered in your one-day itinerary when touring Milan.

Here are more photos of our visit at the park and at Arco della Pace.

My sister with her husband, and two adorable girls.

My pretty niece inside the Design for Food + Tourism Lombardia exhibit in one of the buildings near the arch.

Arco Della Pace
Address:  Piazza Sempione - 20154 Milano


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