Sunday, February 12, 2017

Raise a Glass to Romance with Franzia

You know what can liven up this love month even more - Franzia Wine, with its bright flavors which so perfectly suits all types of flavors and feasts.

Made from the finest grapes in California USA and known as the world’s best-selling wine, Franzia’s innovative Smart Tap technology amps up its freshness and quality that make the wine fresh and delicious up to its last glass.

Much more, since Franzia is available in 750ml bottle or box that’s equivalent to three-liter bottles of wine that could serve more than twenty-five wine glasses, it’s  surely a fun element to fuel the most romantic time of the year.

Whether you choose California Red or Chillable Red, Franzia Wines provide value and pleasure out of these two selections. Take a cue from these recommendations on what best Franzia wine to pair on your date night that says “be mine” this Valentine’s Day:

Best wine for the meat connoisseurs. Smooth, easy and wonderfully balanced, Franzia California Red Wine possesses ripe and juicy blackberry and cherry flavors that ends with a crisp, clean finish. A delicious pair to rich and flavorful beef, pork, and pasta dishes, it also surprisingly blends well with sweet-spicy sauces.

Best wine for a laid-back dinner. Sexy but not stuffy and punctuated with a sweet cherry flavor, Chillable Red Wine is best enjoyed on dreariest days and also perfect for a cool cocktail. Pairing it with any salad, seafood or dessert will show more of its high flavor and strong finish. From big to simple events, it’s a wine for casual cool celebrations.

Whether you’re toasting a glass to romance or loving your independence, Franzia will surely make the night incredibly memorable and your meals totally wonderful.


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