Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Traveling Trunk at Artelano 11

This is one of those opportunities that I almost would have taken for granted again, like many others that have gone by that I have rejected not pursuing so.

This day (June 12)  marked the last day of The Traveling Trunk's Filipno Collection Edition.  Another well-curated collaborative fair with  Artelano-11.  

It was great that even at the last minute, together with my two girls, we got to see the compound and experienced a different fair.   We did finally see the Henry Hotel and some of the houses renovated and transformed as Eric Paras' showrooms and galleries.

Located at the end of the compound, the building where the partner brands have set up comfortably, housed the guests of the fair and welcomed everyone with an ambit of exquisite local crafts and brands.

I knew about the event from Mia Rocha's FB posts. whom I met at the Healthy Mommas Retreat on Mothers Who Brunch's First Anniversary , and apparently she's one of the organizers.

Above is the photo of the room scent diffusers she carry in her product line called So True Naturals.

I actually bought one for our bedroom and of course, it has t be lavander-scented.

I also fancy these bar soaps scented mildly and lavished with Castille soap.

Firstly, in the order of our events is of course, snacks.  After having a decent amount of avocado flavored ice cream sandwiched in between a bun bough from a friendly dirty-ice cream vendor outside one of the houses, my kids had beef kofte wrap.

Serbesa Mnl's Pica-pica for everyone's pleasure...

A serving of the Beef Kofte wrap- a spicy open-faced wrap loaded with sliced beef kofte, hummus, grilled eggplants, onions and jalapeno's and laced beautifully with a garlicky white sauce.  They said it was good!

Some craft beers were also being sold.

While I had some cold lemon coffee from Shophouse Coffee Co.

After the light snack, our tour began...

These two (in the above photos) are my companions and they sure did enjoy checking out the products displayed.

Met up up with Gina Lumauig, an advocate of Philippine culture, writer and a former Vice-Gov of Ifugao Province
What was great about the experience is having to try the ABRA app in my Samsung phone and getting a P300 voucher from them and The Traveling Trunk, which I used to purchase a huge basket from C and C.

Can't wait for the next one, hopefully I could stay longer this time and have more purchasing power!

For more updates, do follow them at their 

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