Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Moment of Stylish Living with School of Styling Philippines

I've always thought that styling isn't for me.  For one, I'm not stylish.  I share the admiration with people who's steadfast in making an event or just any nook an eye-candy but I'm not that creative however I can, with practice copy someone's craft.  I know deep in me I have that eye for beautiful things and I have been to that era when all I'd do is to cut colored papers, pick fabrics for the home and cross-stitch half my day away while my babies are sleeping. 

Now that I don't have the luxury of time designing parties for my kids, I'm sure in one way or another I would need to pull out any hidden creative skill to enhance something, say a special dinner for my friends and family.

Coming up with something colorful and pretty, something worth taking a photo of and sticking in your collage of lovely memories, means something to me.  It's fulfilling and it provides a special lift to my spirits.

I should know for I have organized a number of beautiful weddings for clients and even helped out source wedding and birthday materials for relatives and friends based in Milan.  In a world of Pinteres-y and Instagramable stuff, it's hard to be artsy an noble at the same time.  You will never run out of ideas to use, the challenge is, how you can put the picture into reality.

That's when School of Styling comes in and boy, they make it sound so fun!

Last Saturday I was pleasurely surrounded with eye-catching paper-cut outs, flowers, pompoms and a bevvy of cool party items.

Indy Ycasiano of She Dreams in Ink gave the talk for the morning class.  According to her planning a party is essential to having a successful, less-stressed event.  She talked about how to start picking the theme, the color, the design the menu up to the gritty details of what to use as a decor.  

I wish I stayed longer to give out the whole day of lessons from the School of Styling.  If you are interested to have these lessons, do hit them a message at their Facebook page.

Indy also taught us how to make huge paper pompoms and medallions. 

Another thing I missed was learning how to make this ornament, known as himmeli.

School of Styling had come up with a yearlong of awe-inspiring workshops for the style-hopefuls and those in the business of styling events and homes.

There is a fee for the workshop but this fail-proof event will get your creative juices in running in full swing.  It includes all materials for the workshop, Certificate of Attendance, School Of Styling tote bag, professionally taken photos, and light snacks.

Thanks School of styling for brightening my Saturday morning, I really learned a lot even for just stopping by.

Posted on top of this page the schedule of their upcoming workshops.

 Can't wait to attend School of Styling's future workshops...Join me!

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