Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sony Channel's The Art of More + An Auction Experience

Question:  Where do you find rich people, sipping endlessly on out-pouring wines, and bidding on vintage and lavish lots?  

Answer: Auction

If you've thought of the same word, then, the bid is yours! 

I've always dreamed of myself to be in an auction someday.  I knew it would be far from reality, for one, I'm not that confident in bidding my money (which may not be substantial), also, I may not be that knowledgeable in the value of such an item.  Though I do know that if a thing is to be auctioned, it better be pretty valuable and what that seemed to leave people wanting it.

Just like what Jerry Saltz once said, "Now people look at 'The Scream' or Van Gogh's 'Irises' or a Picasso and see its new content: money. Auction houses inherently equate capital with value. 

I have always equated it the same way, just like what is shown in the newest show to hit cable TV - The Art of More.   


Premiered last May 24 at Sony Channel, "The Art of More," an original from sony production, is a drama that explores he foible and surprisingly ruthless world of premium auction houses, filled with smugglers, hustlers, power mongers and collectors of beautiful and the bizarre.

The story revolves around a blue-collared young man, Graham Connor, played by Christian Cooke, who worked his way up the social ladder through smuggling.  Fired with his deep love for art which was instilled by his father who and a character honed on the mean streets of Brooklyn, he was able to gain access to the luxurious world.

Another character in the story is Samuel Brukner, played by its executive producer, Dennis Quaid.  
Brukner, the charismatic real estate shark who possesses an art collection the size of his ego and lecherous appetites.  Along the process, competition thrives in the form of an impeccably poised account executive, who also seek out some of the finest art and memorabilia collections in the world.

Another character to add to the thrill is Arthur Davenfort (Cary Elwes), another prominent collector who became a mentor to Connor.

 “Art of More” is really all about the manipulation and seduction that goes into securing the right to represent these collections, which could apply to almost any big-money endeavor, from Wall Street to Hollywood.

MEDIA LAUNCH at Salcedo Auctions

At the media launch of the newest show in Sony Channel, the media had an experience of what an auction is.

An auction is a method of selling a property (or properties) in a public forum through open and competitive bidding.

A podium block was set up in another room, and it is where the auctioneer stands while conducting the auction. "Placing (an item) on the auction block" means to sell something at auction.

It was a surprise to know that we will be participating in an actual auction and I got excited but scared that I may need to spend after all.  But then how could I get even happier when I was given a pretend money worth P 20,000 Sony money which we are to use to bid or buy the items to be auctioned.

The auction was nerve-wracking and fun at the same time.

And guess what!?  I won myself the first lot for P 10,000 having an excess money to bid again or to help another bidder win theirs.

Sony's first one-hour scripted drama series, The Art of More, started being shown last May 24 and will be aired every Tuesday at 8:50 pm, first and exclusively on Sony Channel.

Sony Channel is seen on Sky Cable Channel 35, cignal Digital TV Channel 60, Destiny Cable Channel, Cable Link Channel 39. 

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