Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mr. Pizza, Korea's Biggest Pizza Chain is Making a Bang in Greenbelt

I think we are not yet done with the fusion theme in the foodie scene.  Real foodies, I mean foodies adventurous enough to spare some money for a one of kind food, those who are on the look out for that innovative taste and something that can also be amusing at that.

So here's the thing, I just had my kids introduced to a Korean Chicken franchise, you know, the twice fried, sweet and spicy, crunchy and saucy chicken wings and drumsticks.  Bhogs and I was quite surprised to see that they liked it.  I, on one hand, had my fingers and tastes buds all crazy with the Crunchy Garlic and Seoul Fried Rice.

This time around, I had them try the new Korean pizza that had opened recently at Greenbelt, Makati. Say what?  

The unique theme of Korea's  Mr. Pizza is based on the 300% principle, all pizzas are 100% hand-kneaded, 100% full-hearted topping and 100% grill baked.  Will expound on that when I get to the pizzas I've tried.

Expect a fun welcome greeting and a courteous service, as the door flung open to a well-lit, modern looking dining area with a circular open station for making the pizzas.

On air.

Everyone is welcomed with a gesture - "On air," the staff shouting amicably. so I asked why the phrase. The circular area at the forefront is inspired from a disc jockey station and on the wall behind it lit the ON AIR signage.  Also, on air meant that the newly hand-knead pizza crust is tossed up on air.  I don't find it very relevant though it was amusing.  

Every guests are welcome to watch the pizza chefs do their stuff!  You can see that the each pizza you order is made from scratch.  Appreciating your pizza chef is more like it, as you realize how hard is to knead a pizza crust, as if  is a labor of love, though they make it seem easy and fun.

Like in this video...

When dining here, make sure to get a good seat, that's near the open kitchen, surely you won't notice time pass by after having your orders taken as you watch the chefs knead, toss, put the filling on the edge of the crust and top it with the freshest of ingredients.

Make sure you try their signature drinks, Alo Aide and Hallabong Ade.  These are juices spiked up with sparkling waters.  I had the Alo Ade which is a zesty mix of aloe vera and lime.  I was expecting to have bits of aloe gels, though there isn't any and I never could taste the aloe in the drink though, but it sure was refreshing.  I like that they are using tall glasses for their drinks which is a plus for frugal diners like me.

Look how many pizza choices they have...Above is a photo of one of their placemats.

Appetizers came in one by one and I began gobbling on a Mozzarella Stick. I't's actually a fat roll of battered and crusted mozzarella to be called a stick and lacked a bit flavor, but the aioili dip gave it the right kick. 

Then one of my table-mate, also a blogger, had the Miss Chicken.  I also had a try and I can say it's definitely the Korean way of serving their chicken (same as with Bonchon and Kyochon), crunched and glazed, getting both the crunch with the savory and sweet sauce that clung to the meat.

Another blogger ordered the Mister Chicken, which was supposed to be spicy.  However, I didn't quite find the spice I was looking for in a Korean chicken.  Even my kids on my next visit also said so.

Salad - Chicken Vegetable Bowl, looks really hefty and yummy.

Crab Carbonara is the bomb!  This bowl isn't mine but we had it when I went back one Monday evening with my girls and their dad and ahhh, we all loved it to bits.  The sauce was surprisingly amazing, thinking that we're in a Korean joint.  It was creamy enough hinted with cheese and milky flavor without really drowning the al dente noodles. But my kids said it could be the best Carbonara had they put more bacon to it.

At first it was hard to choose the first Mr. Pizza I'm going to try.  But our wait staff was so knowledgeable of all the varieties,  I ended up ordering one of the premium, Secret Garden, which is supposed to be for those watching their calories, and upon his recommendation have the pizza with  the Gold edge- it's a  sweet potato mouse 

I was also able to try Shrimp Gold pizza.  The pizza with a mozzarela edge was loaded with shelled shrimps, bacon bits, olive, pineapples, green pepper and corn kernels.  Yeah, I didn't really realize corn would also be a good pizza-topper.

Eggta Pizza was the pizza that's a great example of thinking out of the box.  If you love pizza, beef steaks and egg tart, any or all of these, then you're in for a treat.  Eggta is a pizza with all of the aforementioned are dumped into a pizza.  You get the soft, moist and partly sweet egg tart crust is embellished with minced beef steak and Camembert cheese.

Bulgogi Rice was not that spectacular either but good and filling enough to break the  habitual pizza grubbing.

Dessert was a zilt.  But we were recommended with their Fruit Salad Pizza.  Holy Moly!! A dessert pizza that's not Nutella-laced.  But don't go overly expecting something to be raved for.  It's just their hand-tossed pizza crust with (canned) fruit cocktail and mozzarella cheese spread over.

Address:  GF Greenbelt 3, Makati City

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