Friday, June 19, 2015

GLAD and Healthy Eating

GLAD, the Filipino mom’s partner in food protection and kitchen management, reminds everyone that the healthy-living movement is here to stay with this saying:
“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” 
-- Hippocrates, philosopher 
There’s nothing like a visit to The Farm of Galilee in Silang, Cavite and organic farming advocate Gejo Jimenez’ Malipayon Farm, to see firsthand how the earth brings nourishment to the food we eat. “Here in our farm, we do things in harmony with nature,” says Jimenez.

Guests experienced the joys of reconnecting with the wonders of vegetation while harvesting their own produce. The tour was made even more special with a feast prepared by chef and food stylist, Eugene Raymundo.

Using the available produce in the farms, such as the red and green curly lettuce, arugula, wansuy, and edible flowers for the dishes, Chef Eugene stresses on the value of fresh ingredients in healthy cooking and the importance of proper food protection.

The Best Ever GLAD ClingWrap can seal in the moisture of the produce by up to 99%, the freshness is kept longer, and the nutritional value of the food is preserved.

Chef Eugene proceeds with his preparations, using the new Glad Mini ClingWrap. “After slicing what you need, just wrap the vegetable or fruit to keep the freshness, and store in the refrigerator for the next use,” he says.

 “It’s just the right size, so it’s easy to manage,” he says, of his new favorite kitchen companion. This latest addition to the ClingWrap family is a smart way to wrap small portions..

The farm-to-table experience brought valuable insights on farming, freshness, and great food, and made guests savor the combination of Chef Eugene’s line-up of mouth-watering and refreshing recipes.

Good food heals and nourishes the mind and body, and should be enjoyed in its fresh state as much as possible. Make it a habit to keep Glad Mini ClingWrap ready in the kitchen, and know that enjoying a happy healthy lifestyle extends to proper everyday kitchen management. See the easy-to-prepare mouth-watering recipes from Glad and Chef Eugene below.

For more recipes and tips on food protection, visit Glad’s website, and Facebook page,


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