Friday, June 26, 2015

Lucky's Burger and Bar

Tuscany's at McKinley Hill seemed to thrive with upscale restos.  Not known to many,  this long strip of restaurants and bars are just screaming unnoticed, awaiting to be discovered by foodies.  I just love passing by McKinley Hill, for it always bring me back to our trip in Milan.  Tuscany, Piazza and our parents soon to be abode, The Venice resemble living "la bella vita" (a beautiful life) lived in Milan.  I love the architecture of the buildings around the area, the whole rustic yet modern vibe and the serenity.

Adding more Italian flare to the neighborhood is Lucky's Burger and Bar. The manly presence of the place was inspired from a joint where Mafia dons such as Don Lucky Luciano, would hang out and eat to their hearts' content.  Rough yet stylish slate walls and black leather coaches mix matched with wool chairs and black painted steel trusses gives it that Mafia era vibe.

Where can you find a giant's stainless fork
Here are my recommendations, for appetizer, have some chicken wings, each order has 6 pieces and comes with either buffalo sauce or bbq sauce.

I like the second one best, the chicken wings glazed in honey bbq sauce.  It has that sweet, sticky sauce with a subtle spice to it.

Lucky's Bacon Chips.  These are "belly" good to the bite, every bite has that crunch without the oily dripping or coating your mouth. It's served by the way with their own chili garlic sauce.


Also, here at Lucky's is where you can find one of Manila's best Mojito.  According to Chef JP Montenegro, the secret to their tasty and refreshing mojito is the fresh ingredients.  They use fresh lime juice as opposed to the liquor substitute.

Continuing with my gastronomic affair, are some of the entrees you may want to consider when visiting here.

Above is the Lucky Chops (P 230).  As you can see most of the food here is served on a customized Lucky's chopping board.  These probably means that they are serious to satiate your cravings heavy and filling meals.  Case in point, these large slices of pork chops with a bowl of veggie rice and sauteed French beans.  Here your chops doesn't need catsup, instead a savory gravy can enhance more the flavor of your grilled chops.

I also had this tender to the bite Beef Salpicao (P 260).  I wonder why it was categorized under appetizer in the menu.  If I'll be coming back, I'll definitely order this and an extra bowl of rice.  Just look at all those beautiful toasted garlic slices strewn around at the top.

Let me now introduce their winning entry for one of the best burger in town, plus some seriously tempting burger list on the menu.  This is Lucky Burger (P 180) and they made sure you'll be lucky when you have this.  Panalo!

Lucky Burger is composed of 1/3 pound beef patty that is perfectly grilled dabbed on sliced brioche bun.  The mild American cheddar cheese, onions and BLT (that's bacon, lettuce and tomatoes) makes this fit for a Mafia don, well even for the not-so dons and donas, like myself.

However, though they do have winning menu choices, there are quite some that didn't really win me over, like the Buttermilk Fried Chicken.  To say the least, it taste a bit bland and I'm not really a big fan of chunky coating on my chicken.  

But then we got all crazy with their pasta.

Chicken Rigatoni.  These huge tube pasta are great with tomato based sauces.  This is served with grilled chicken and smoked bacon. 

Fettuccine with Truffle Sauce is to die for.  Now wait, this isn't in the menu yet (as per Zomato menu listing), though you may ask the staff if they have this already.  I love the creamy truffle taste that glosses each fettucine.  Topped with grilled chicken breast and parmesan crusts.

There's also Spaghetti Puttanesca.  (Not in the menu yet, but you can ask the staff about this.

And kids all-time fave Bacon Mac and Cheese.

When it comes to pasta I'm all in the simplicity of it, if you're like me tired of the usual pasta laden with thick red sauce and pampered with a whole lot of meat, well, this is for you.  Lucky's Aglio e Olio.  Imagine the light garlicky  flavor of the olive oil binding the spaghetti together, while your next fork-bite is the tangy and soppy cherry tomato or the "kesung puti" (white buffalo cheese) from Laguna.  

As you can see they do know how to serve up refreshments, though some of them comes with a mild mix of alcohol.

Even though I stuffed myself oh so heavily with these simple gustatory pleasures, I made sure I left a part of my tummy for dessert.

I'm sure you wouldn't mind to leave room for these, Brownie mugs topped with ice cream and choco syrup.  Nothing fancy though but it still is a comforting sweet taste to rid off the savory and meaty flavors left in my palate.  

You can actually make one yourself at home, let me share this recipe to you, it's the same one I had here, only made using a microwave oven:

Lucky's Apple Pie is probably the best way to cap a heavy meal with.  Slices of  crispy apples smidgened with cinnamon and baked on a pastry crust.  A plate gets you a slice of the apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

A budget of P600 for two persons can be good start up, but then again, everything can be shared and most of the plates offer huge serving so it can easily be shared.  

Lucky's Burger and Bar
Address: Tuscany, Upper McKinley Road,
                McKinley Hill, Taguig City


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