Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Inevitable Binge: FOODGASM 4

 I am a terrible blogger judge...
Well you see, I was invited to be one of the blogger judge of the fourth edition of FOODGASM.  It was actually my second time to do it.  You can read all about my first food fair judging here.  Apparently I did enjoy it, though deep inside I'm hiding how I detest the even, for reasons that many would understand, and yes it's about diet and losing weight.
For me to further site my reasons, let me show you the photos I got from the event.
This is just part of the whole styro plate that I had.  Please don't hate me for this...I am just doing my job!  Charing!
Hehe, make sure you have a tissue with for this post is really drool-inducing!

So you see, though I'm a foodie at heart, I got so conscious of eating all the samples given to me, to be honest I didn't I got a bite of some of them and a few really caught my fancy.
The ordeal now is to choose the best three and judge them accordingly.  It was one of the toughest decision I have to make  for every participant gave all for them to win the coveted stall position from Mercato Centrale.

So to know who won, visit the Facebook page of FOODGASM.

Thanks again UP Eco. Soc. for having me experience the wonderful night of indulgence from the newbies of the food industry who will be rising above the others as their products were highlighted.


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