Friday, March 28, 2014

Poetry and Prose Patiserrie

It was those kind of spur of the moments when you just have to say yes to an invite even though your schedule is so tight.  Upon seeing the invite from my email about the owner of Pages Deli opening up another restaurant in a whole new concept, I knew it would be something out of the ordinary.  I've always been in love with Pages Deli's "bookworms' nook" theme and when I heard of the new restaurant's name, Poetry and Prose, I remember how eager Ms. Jojo Paje of telling me how she and her daughter love literary artworks, which definitely gave the whole vibe for Pages.

If there is such a thing as Philippine-based Parisian patisserie, it would probably be Poetry and Prose Patiserrie.

Let me give you a sneak peak in one of Shangri La Malls newest posh tea and pastry place.

Poetry and Prose exudes an elegant, clean slate for writers, French-cuisine mongers and those who want to just read poems and novels quietly while nibbling on some macarons and sipping a hot cup of tea

The only colored portion in the shop is this huge painting with a backdrop of what seemed to be Parisian shops and of course their pastries that could match the ones being served in five-star hotels in the metro, only with the costs from regular tea places.

I'm a sucker for whatever that is Julia Child-related so this quote really defines their effort to serve up artfully sculpted French pastries.

The place is just so dainty for tea-time meetings with your lady-friends and for sure to also serve up to manly cravings.

It might be that the chefs were able to discover the art to creating French pastries and the secrets to which French patissier have become so famous for.

My plate of pastry bliss...

A patisserie is a French bakery selling decadent pastries and confections. No matter what type of baked good you are craving, such as a tart, petit four or a chocolate eclair, you'll be able to find it behind Poetry and Prose Patisserie's glass display case. You don't have to live in France to enjoy authentic French pastries it's just a few walks away from the bustling EDSA.

Poetry & Prose 
Address: G/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Contact Nos.:  (02) 631-0420 or (0932) 886-5778 

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